What To Do If Your Outlets Are Overloading?

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What To Do If Your Outlets Are Overloading?

“In this video, we’re going to talk about overloading. Specifically, in this case, we have a mess. Not only is this ugly and unsightly, and no one wants to see this, but poses a real hazard. We have an oven, we have a toaster oven, we have a toaster, a blender, a microwave, and a few other things. This is too much electricity for one outlet and will actually cause it to meltdown if everything is on at the same time. It poses a real fire hazard. Not only here, but also on the whole circuit where you can melt down the wiring inside the walls.

Other places we often see this is behind TVs, we would have a tv, the DVD player, a VCR, depending upon the age of your equipment, a lamp, and other electronic equipment. Now we also see this behind computers, where you have a monitor, the CPU, the printer, chargers for your phone, and who knows what else. All these things add up and these devices are only made to hold so much electricity.

Overload it and it starts to melt down because too much heat is created and it’s really just a worst-case scenario. Now, what can you do to fix that? The best thing to do is to add more outlets and possibly more circuits.

A professional electrician can easily do this for you. Some solutions for this is to add some more outlets and possibly some more circuits. Call us to send out one of our certified electricians to provide you with options with how to fix this so you can feel safe.”


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