Electric Panel Installation, Repair & Replacement in Santa Ana

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Electric Panel Installation, Repair & Replacement in Santa Ana

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Electric panels go by many names. Whether you refer to one as a breaker panel, circuit breaker panel, fuseboard, breaker box, or service panel, this unit serves two main purposes—to feed electrical power from the grid into subsidiary circuits, and to protect against excessive currents. Express Electrical Services specializes in all aspects of electrical panel repair. Serving Orange County and all of Southern California, we’re conveniently located in a Santa Ana office, so we can reach customers quickly.

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If you need a Santa Ana electrician, we employ certified, licensed electrical contractors who provide same-day repairs. We’ll also replace your outdated panel if necessary. Service is always timely and professional to ensure satisfaction and safety.

What Is an Electric Panel?

An electric panel, or electric breaker, is a key component of your home’s electricity supply system. It is typically a steel box with circuit breakers wired to circuits serving your appliances, electronics, lights, and anything that uses power. A main breaker is where you can shut off all power to your home. It’s a double-pole circuit breaker that limits how much electricity goes inside and lists the amperage capacity of a breaker panel.

How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

A circuit breaker can turn power on and off quickly. Its purpose is to protect the wiring in your home from too much electricity. If there is an over-current or electrical short, the breaker will automatically trip, preventing damage to wires and devices, and not to mention serious problems such as fires. A breaker is an electrical switch that can be reset to restore power. In most cases, an panel will include many breakers serving different circuits.

Should I Repair or Replace My Electric Panel?

There are instances when you can get away with electric panel repair, but our electrician in Santa Ana may recommend replacement or an electric panel upgrade if its rated capacity is low or the unit is old. A 30-year-old panel does not meet current standards. An upgrade to a 200-amp system will boost your capacity and safety. New panels are also more sensitive to short circuits, and therefore safer, which is another reason to consider an upgrade over circuit breaker panel repair.

Why Should I Install a New Electrical Panel

Panels consist of many parts that wear out over time. They never last forever, but fortunately there are signs your circuit breaker panel may not be functioning properly:

You may notice the lights flicker or get dimmer at random or when appliances such as air conditioners or hair dryers are used. If the problem can’t be traced to a storm or brownout at the utility company, there’s likely a problem with your panel. Dimming lights should be troubleshooted by a professional who can provide electric repair.
Breakers are durable and last a long time. It’s not uncommon for a breaker to trip occasionally; you should be able to reset it and move on. If this happens regularly, a circuit may be overloaded. Unsafe conditions may result so it may be time for an upgrade.
Outdated panels should be replaced, even if they seem to be working. Even those made decades ago were not designed to modern standards; nor were they built to anticipate the electrical needs of today’s homes. Split-buss panels should be replaced with a new unit that has a single primary circuit breaker. Many manufacturers have discontinued production of older panels due to safety issues.

Electrical Panel FAQs:

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At Express Electrical Services, our technicians are licensed, trained, and experienced in all types of electric repair and electrical installations. Electrical work requires advanced training and specialized tools. Don’t attempt electrical panel repair yourself. Aside from safety factors, it can be difficult to distinguish one connection from another. Our Santa Ana based electricians can make sure everything is working and in the right configuration, so you don’t experience electrical problems after we’re done. Our electricians serving Orange County can be reached at 714-406-1322, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for an electrical panel repair or upgrade.


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