How Will You Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

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How Will You Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

If you have an older electrical panel, especially one installed over 30 years ago, it should be upgraded. Our electricians specialize in not only electric panel repair; they can also provide an electric panel upgrade that increases the safety and electrical capacity of your home. Blown breakers and fuses can be easily fixed. A worn out, or old, electrical panel, however, should be replaced to eliminate various electrical problems and safety hazards.

We will provide a modern 200-amp panel to support the electrical demand of your household. Panels built just a few years ago offer maybe 100 amps, or even less. For homes with computers, advanced entertainment systems, and devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators, that’s not enough. Sure, appliances have gotten more efficient, but we’re using more and more devices at the same time.

An upgrade is the best solution. If your panel can’t handle the load, there may be arcing or surges in electricity that can damage your appliances and wiring, or too little power may be reaching your appliances. Overloads can eventually trigger electrical fires. Contact us if you are planning to install new appliances or believe your home could benefit from more power. We’ll assess your needs to determine the best electrical panel upgrade for you.

We will also install all-new circuit breakers and add sub-panels to more efficiently distribute power to different areas of your home. If you’re renovating, we can help relocate your panel or circuit breaker box so it’s out of the way and in an easily accessible location. In the process, we’ll address all your needs regarding electrical re-wiring and more, guaranteeing your home will have the electrical capacity required to safely run electronics, devices, and appliances.

With a new electric panel, function and safety are improved. An upgrade can also boost your home’s resale value, given the increase in appeal to potential buyers (they also have less work to do after closing). There may be insurance incentives as well. Insurance providers will note safety improvements compared to the fire hazards older panels can present.

Upgrading your electrical panel has many advantages. Contact Express Electrical Services today to discuss your options. We are Los Angeles electricians serving all of Southern California. We even have electricians in Santa Ana & electricians in Riverside to be able to faster dispatch contractors to your residence. Call today!


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