What Should I Do If My Electric Panel is Sparking?

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What Should I Do If My Electric Panel is Sparking?

“On this video, we’re gonna talk about sparking panels. This is the most serious of all the calls we get, as it is very threatening to the home and the occupants.

What happens is you’ll see or hear a panel sparking. You can actually hear the sizzling static, crackling, popping of the panel. Now, upon inspection, if you remove a breaker, the breaker that’s sparking, which this is more serious than what you should do if you decide you’re gonna do this, turn the power off at the main breaker. Do not do this while it’s still sparking as it can escalate into something bigger.

What can cause that is the contacts inside the breaker are making poor contacts to the metal bars inside the panel. As that starts to melt, then the ones next to it can start to melt and it can travel up the panel. Next thing you know, the whole panel is starting to melt down and you end up with a big fireball where you have to call the fire department instead of an electrician.

This is not something you should ignore, but however; if you had a preventative maintenance program in place, this would’ve caught it and detected it, and you would never have gotten this far.”