Hard Wired Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation and Repair in Santa Ana, CA

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Hard Wired Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation and Repair in Santa Ana, CA

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When you need an electrician in Santa Ana, Express Electrical Services is the expert to call. We offer 24/7 service and fast response times. Our trained, licensed, and experienced electricians provide reliable repair, installation, lighting, and wiring services as well as emergency electrical work. Serving all of Southern California, we are available in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties, and also have an office based in a Santa Ana office to assist Orange County homeowners with a variety of electrical installations, including installing and repairing a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

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Orange County Smoke Detector Installers

A smoke detector is one of the most important safety assets. No home is immune to fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 352,000 home fires in the United States during 2016, resulting in 2,735 deaths and 10,750 injuries. Even the best smoke detectors should not only be properly installed, but tested as well. Human error can leave you without a working alarm and vulnerable to disaster.

Professional smoke detector installation and testing can save your life. We are experienced with smoke alarm installation and our licensed electricians make sure everything is in working order. Our team also takes things a step further. With hard wired smoke detectors, there is much more dependability as these are more sensitive and never have drained batteries. Our Santa Ana based electricians are trained on installation and the most current regulations for installing smoke alarms in homes.

Also, be aware of the signs you need to replace a smoke detector, which include:

  • The alarm sounds when no smoke or smoke source is present.
  • No sound is heard when there is smoke in the room.
  • The alarm is over 10 years old, in which case it loses sensitivity.

Ionization smoke detectors should also be replaced. They’re known for their lack of reliability, often failing to activate even in the presence of a fire. If you’re not sure what type of alarm you have, call an electrician to check and/or troubleshoot it. Hiring an electrician for smoke detector repair or replacement is a good idea because they can hard-wire, properly install, and test the device. They also know where to install them and exactly how many your home needs.

Interconnecting smoke alarms increases safety as well. The Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted a survey and found alarms in general sounded in 37% of fires, but interconnected ones did in 53% of fires.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Repair and Installation in Santa Ana, CA

Carbon monoxide (CO) is rightfully advertised as a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. Since most people don’t know CO is present until it’s too late, it is very important to have a detector to alert you, and have one nearby to wake you up in an emergency.

Therefore, state law requires a CO detector to be within 10 feet of each legal bedroom. Placement should also be about five feet from the floor and also in your garage, since a common source of carbon monoxide is a running vehicle.

But do you know when you need a new carbon monoxide detector?

Our Santa Ana electrician can determine if your carbon monoxide alarm is working properly. Testing one can be done yourself. When you hold down the test button, there should be two beeps; hold it again and there should be four beeps, which mean the device is working. But a CO detector only lasts about five to seven years. If it is older than that or doesn’t function as designed during a test, have it replaced by a professional.

We also specialize in different types of carbon monoxide alarms, which include:

Provide alerts when high levels of CO are present, functioning similar to smoke alarms.
Alert when low levels of CO are present, which can be just as dangerous over the long-term.
Sense smoke and carbon monoxide; a hard-wired model is preferred since it’s less likely to malfunction.

An experienced electrician knows the right types of alarms to install and can do so quickly and correctly. Installing and hard-wiring a smoke, CO, or CO2 alarm requires expertise, but you can count on Express Electrical Services to provide reliable, affordable service. Call our Santa Ana electrician today at 714-406-1322 to learn more about our installation and repair services, our financing program, and to schedule a visit.


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