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Maintain Your Electrical System with 24/7 Emergency Services

If you are looking for electrical services in San Bernardino County, you can count on the experienced San Bernardino electrical contractors at Express Electrical Services. From ceiling fan installation to lighting repair and everything in-between, our licensed and certified electricians are ready to help you with any project. Best of all, the electricians at Express Electrical Services are available 24/7 for all electrical emergencies and will respond to your home in 60-90* minutes, ensuring that prompt and professional service is always just one phone call away.

Our Residential Electrical Services

If you are in need of a San Bernardino electrician to perform any number of electrical services, we are able to help. The residential electrical services we offer at Express Electrical Services include:

  • Electrical Automation – Automating your home to make it more energy efficient and convenient has never been easier thanks to the availability of smart home devices. At Express Electrical Services, we can help install these devices to provide you with complete home automation.
  • Electrical Installation – Any time you purchase a new appliance, you need to rely on an experienced electrician to ensure that it is installed properly, and we are happy to assist with any residential electrical installation project.
  • Electrical Remodeling – Remodeling your home often requires you to remodel your existing electrical system as well. If your electrical system needs to be remodeled to accommodate changes to your home, Our San Bernardino electricians are able to help.
  • Electrical Rewiring – The wiring in older homes sometimes wears down and needs to be replaced. At Express Electrical Services, we are able to rewire your home in a way that is quick and affordable.
  • Electrical Repairs – If any part of your electrical system malfunctions and leaves you without power, Express Electrical Services will respond to make the necessary repairs in just 60-90* minutes, any time of day or night and any day of the week.
  • Electrical Panels – As you install new appliances in your home, your current electric breaker box may not be able to keep up with the additional load on your electrical circuit. If this is an issue, we can help install a new electrical panel in your home that is designed to meet your home’s power demands.
  • EV chargers – If you own an electric vehicle, installing an EV charger in your garage is a great way to save both time and money, and we can help with the installation process.
  • GFCI/GFI outlets – A GFCI outlet is a specialized type of electrical outlet designed to eliminate the risk of electric shock, making them ideal for use in areas near water such as in your bathrooms and kitchen or outdoors. If you would like to reduce the risk of being shocked when you use your devices near water, we can help install GFCI outlets inside and outside your home.
  • Knob and tube upgrades – Once a common electrical system, knob and tube electrical systems are now known to present serious safety concerns. If your home still relies on a knob and tube electrical system, our San Bernardino electricians can upgrade it to a more modern system that is much safer.
  • Lighting – At Express Electrical Services, we can help with all of your indoor and outdoor lighting installation needs, working to install your lighting in a way that will look great and function exactly as intended.
  • Outlets/Switches – If you need to replace the outlets and/or switches in your home, Express Electrical Services is able to help.

Home Safety Services

Keeping residents of San Bernardino County safe in their homes is our utmost priority, and we are proud to offer home safety services such as:

Lighting Services

At Express Electrical Services, we are lighting experts and are able to install a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting. If you want to ensure that your lighting is quickly installed in a way that brings your vision to life and in a way that will be completely safe and function perfectly, you can count on the lighting experts at Express Electrical Services.

Highly-Rated Electricians Serving San Bernardino County

We are proud to be one of the most highly-rated electrical contractors in San Bernardino, earning a customer satisfaction rate that is the best in the area. If you are looking for a highly-rated San Bernardino electrician to perform any number of electrical services, Express Electrical Services is happy to help.

Let Express Electrical Services Help With Your Next Electrical Project

Serving all of San Bernardino County, Express Electrical Services is proud to offer San Bernardino residents reliable prices, highly-rated service, industry-leading finance options, and a wide range of discounts and coupons. If you need help with any electrical project or repairs, be sure to contact us today. As always, a licensed and professional electrician will respond to your home just 60-90* minutes after you place your call.