Smoke Detector Installation & Repair in Orange County

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Smoke Detector Installation & Repair in Orange County

Providing Home Safety Services to Residents Across Orange County, including Santa Ana, Irvine, Tustin, Huntington Beach & More

Express Electrical Services is a company trusted throughout Orange County and Southern California for all types of electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades. Smoke detectors are crucial to your home’s safety. Able to detect fire and smoke, a smoke alarm saves lives, but only if it is working properly.

Customers have depended on us for electrical repairs since 1982. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies and provide same-day repairs, while being renowned for fast service. Our team can respond to calls in as little as one hour. No customer is left in a situation in which their safety, or even their life, could be in danger.

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Emergency Smoke Detector Repair in Orange County

Smoke detectors, like any electronic devices, can develop problems over time. There may be dust on the sensor. In this case, a cleaning should resolve the problem. If the detector is malfunctioning, it should be replaced right away. Continuous beeping is annoying but also dangerous, because you don’t know when to trust the alarm; we provide beeping smoke detector repair in Orange County, so your trust, and safety, are restored.

If the unit is battery-operated, a beep can indicate the battery needs replacement. You may also see a flashing red light. A flash every 10 to 20 seconds mean the unit is on; a 3 to 5 second blink indicates something is wrong and the unit requires maintenance. You can check the instructions, but it’s usually best to call a professional.

Consult an electrician if you have a hard-wired smoke detector. Installing and repairing such a device is more technical and our technicians are trained and experienced in dealing with all sorts of issues. Express Electrical Services takes calls day or night; our fast response time means you aren’t left unprotected for long. After all, you never know when an emergency might strike.

Smoke Detector Repair vs. Installation

The decision to repair or replace your smoke detector should be made by a qualified professional. Two-thirds of the deaths associated with home fires occur where smoke alarms are not working, per the U.S. Fire Administration. If you have an older smoke alarm (more than 10 years old), consider interconnected smoke detector installation our Orange County electricians specialize in.

If you test the alarm and it doesn’t work, have a technician troubleshoot it and decide if replacement is necessary. Also consider the location. Alarms not high up on the wall or on the ceiling, and not close enough to bedrooms, should be moved. We can determine if your alarms meet current regulations and, if not, will upgrade them.

How Interconnected and Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors Work

Interconnected alarms may be battery-operated/wireless or hard-wired. When one alarm detects a smoke condition, it will sound, triggering all the smoke alarms in your house. It therefore alerts everyone, no matter where a potential fire may be. Hard-wired smoke alarms are a safer option because they don’t rely on batteries. With traditional smoke detectors, you must check the battery from time to time; a drained battery means the device won’t work, leaving you unprotected. A hard-wired system has a constant power source, so it will always function.

Express Electrical Services: Your Orange County Smoke Detector Installation/Repair Company

Our technicians, backed by extensive training and our decades of experience, are ready to take your call, install a smoke alarm, or provide smoke detector repair. Orange County customers can also take advantage of our fix it now and pay later financing. Safety is our top priority. If you suspect a smoke alarm problem in your home or need an upgrade, call 714-406-1322 or reach out to us online.


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