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Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair in Orange County

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The go to electrical services company in Southern California since 1982, Express Electrical Services is also known for ceiling fan repair & ceiling fan installation in Orange County. Installing a ceiling fan often requires rewiring parts of your home, which should be done by an experienced professional. Another reason to call our Orange County electricians is that we can be there the same day you call. Should you experience an emergency, we’re available 24/7 and can reach you in 60-90 minutes

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Ceiling Fans: Fixtures with Many Benefits

Fan installation gives you a pleasant breeze at home. Air circulation is certainly a nice amenity to have when you need it, but there are many other advantages to having a ceiling fan:

Cooled air is circulated during the summer. By reversing the fan, you can get a similar effect in the winter; air rises as it heats, but the fan distributes heated air that’s risen so the entire room stays warm.
More efficient circulation of air means a lower demand on your HVAC system. Turn the thermostat up and get the same effect, which can mean you pay less on your monthly energy bill.
Many ceiling fan models have built in lights. Overhead lighting can brighten up the room substantially; our Orange County electricians are skilled at setting up these models and upgrading older units as well.
Ceiling fans come in many sizes, styles, and materials, and with various numbers of blades. They are suited for any room, including dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor installations.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are found inside and outside homes. As diverse and convenient as they are, all fans are not the same. An indoor ceiling fan does not tolerate moisture well. If there’s any dampness or humidity, the unit can short out or fail. With outdoor models, the ceiling fan wiring is protected against moisture. They come in damp-rated units suited for operating in humid locations, particularly covered spaces like patios or bathrooms or laundry rooms; wet-rated fans can withstand exposure to rain and snow and still run normally.

Call an Orange County Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation

The ceiling fan installation process may look straight forward, but remember ceiling fans are connected directly to your electrical system. If you don’t have a fixture installed, we can rewire existing wiring to power your fan, or even add lighting to your system. This can be a complex process a trained electrician can safely handle. We also offer ceiling fan repair services. If you’ve checked your fuse, switch, or circuit breaker and are still experiencing problems, we can troubleshoot the problem with professional tools such as a voltage tester, replace a faulty motor, or install a new capacitor.

Your ceiling fan may need to be repaired if it:

A wiring problem or a defective wall switch could be to blame.
The fan may not be properly secured, or the fan blades may be loose.
The electricity is flowing, but the fan motor may be damaged.
Your fan is done for; turn it off immediately and contact our Orange County electricians to replace it.

Call for Ceiling Fan Service in Orange County

Specializing in ceiling fan installation and repair, and ceiling fan wiring in Orange County, Express Electrical Services employs trained electricians who can address any need. We can rewire your existing installation or install a new ceiling fan box.

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