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Numerous factors lead to an electrical emergency, whether damaged wiring or a Los Angeles earthquake causing an electrical surge in your home. Whatever your emergency electrical service needs are, you can rely on our team of emergency electricians in Los Angeles at Express Electrical.

Signs You Need an Emergency Electrician

Recognizing the signs of emergency electrical problems is key for arranging prompt repairs and minimizing the risk of shocks, electrical fire emergencies, or other electrical hazards to your home. If you’re concerned about the safety of your electrical system, contact our licensed technicians for professional advice and assessment.

Watch for these signs that your home needs emergency electrical services.

Power outage

If your entire home or specific areas lose power and the homes around you still have power, there may be an underlying problem requiring urgent attention, such as damaged wiring or faulty circuits.

Burning smell

Burning smells from your outlets, switches, electrical panels, or other electrical equipment can indicate overheating circuits or wiring problems. 

Electrical shocks

Sparks or electrical arcing can indicate electrical faults due to loose wiring connections, frayed wiring, exposed junction boxes, and other problems.

Sparks or arcing

If your outlets or switches emit sparks, are warm to the touch, or cause electrical arcs, they require immediate attention from an electrician. These issues often result from loose connections or damaged equipment.

Water exposure

After floods, leaks, or similar issues in your home, water may come in contact with your electrical system and pose serious safety and damage risks.

Natural damage

Wildfires, lightning storms, earthquakes, downed trees, and other external factors common to Los Angeles and California can cause surges and electrical shorts.

Our Emergency Electrical Services

At Express Electrical, our emergency electrical services provide swift and reliable assistance for Los Angeles residents. Your safety and comfort are our priority, which is why our team of licensed electricians is available around-the-clock for prompt service. With locations in Los Angeles and other California areas, we can respond to your service calls without delay.

  • Emergency power outage
  • Emergency electrical outlet repair
  • Faulty wiring
  • Generator malfunction
  • Overloaded electrical system
  • EV charger breakdown
  • Electrical panel malfunction
  • Electrical shocks

Why Choose Express for Emergency Electrical Services?

Family-owned and operated, we’ve been serving Los Angeles and Southern California residents since 1982. Our services offer numerous advantages that make us a top choice for emergency electrical services in Los Angeles. These include:

  • Same-day service: We offer same-day emergency services with no upfront cost. Our live operators are available around-the-clock, and our electricians aim to arrive at your home in 90 minutes or less.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction: Backed by thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, we stand behind the quality of our services. From your first call to the close of your emergency repair service, you’ll enjoy clear communication, professionalism, and high-quality workmanship.
  • Expert electricians: Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, our electricians have the skills and experience to handle a wide variety of emergency electrical repairs. Whether replacing frayed wires or providing emergency electrical panel repair, our electricians bring expertise and reliability to every visit.
  • Competitive pricing: Each service comes with transparent pricing and detailed estimates so you always know exactly where your investment goes. Our financing options ensure you never have to compromise with your budget on the safety and comfort of your home’s electrical system.

What to Expect When You Call Us

Available 24/7, our electrical team is ready to respond to a variety of electrical emergencies. After gathering important details about the nature and severity of the issue, such as when the problem started or which areas it’s affecting, we dispatch an electrician to your home to closely inspect and diagnose the problem.

Our electricians employ advanced diagnostic tools and strategies to find the root cause of the electrical problem, whether damaged wiring or receptacle malfunctions. They’ll provide a report of their findings with proposed solutions and a clear and detailed cost estimate.

Upon your approval, your electrician will meticulously complete the necessary electrical repairs using high-quality materials and equipment. They adhere to local electrical codes and regulations to ensure your ongoing safety and convenience, and they’ll work quickly to restore your electrical system to proper function to minimize inconvenience and power disruption. Once your electrician is finished, they’ll walk you through the repair, answer your questions, and get your feedback to ensure satisfaction. They can also provide further maintenance or upgrade recommendations to boost the safety and performance of your system.

Call Express Electrical in Los Angeles for Emergency Electrical Repair

Don’t wait for your electrical problems to escalate into bigger emergencies. At Express Electrical, our after-hours electricians provide assistance for everything from strange buzzing to constantly tripping breakers. Contact us today or book online to restore your electrical system to its proper function.

Frequently Asked Questions

What basic troubleshooting steps can I try for electrical problems?

Several troubleshooting steps can help you determine if your electrical problems require emergency attention or not. These include:

  • Checking for power outages in your area.
  • Resetting tripped breakers.
  • Inspecting equipment for frayed or damaged wires or burn marks.

What should I do until the emergency electrician arrives?

Prioritize safety in the event of an electrical emergency. Turn off power at your electrical panel if it’s safe to do so, then evacuate yourself and your household from the premises while waiting for your electrician. If necessary, contact emergency services. Your electrician can also provide you further guidance ahead of their arrival based on your unique situation.

How can I prevent electrical emergencies?

Regular maintenance and electrical inspections are key for minimizing the risk of electrical emergencies. Maintenance services help anticipate and address issues due to wear or aging, and your electrician can make repair or upgrade recommendations to remain compliant with local electrical codes.

Can I fix electrical problems myself during an emergency?

While basic troubleshooting measures can help you determine if you have an emergency or not, only licensed electricians should handle electrical problems. These professionals go through specific training to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for safe electrical system handling.


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