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Whether a California wildfire causes a power outage or there’s a concerning buzz coming from your walls, our team of emergency electricians in Orange County can help. Take advantage of Express Electrical’s expert and prompt services for emergency panel repairs, charred outlets, and other urgent issues.

Signs You Need an Emergency Electrician

Electrical systems are complex and can be hazardous if improperly handled. If you notice any concerning issues with your system, a licensed electrician can identify and address the underlying problem. In some cases, certain signs may warrant shutting off your power at the electrical panel, evacuating, and calling emergency services. Contact our team if you notice the following signs of an electrical emergency in Orange County.

Power outage

Wildfires, earthquakes, and other common California environmental hazards can down power lines and cut off your home’s access to grid electricity. In other instances, a faulty or overloaded breaker panel can also cause a power outage emergency. When the power comes back on, an electrical surge can damage your system and the connected devices and appliances. Our electricians can help diagnose the problem and provide advice on how to protect your home.

Flickering or dimming lights

If you change the light bulbs and your light fixtures still flicker or dim, there may be a problem with the connections or fixture itself.

Burning plastic or metal smells

Your electrical system should never emit burning smells, and metallic or plastic burning odors generally indicate an overheating circuit. These issues can result in dangerous electrical fires and require immediate attention.

Charred, warm, smoking, or sparking outlets

Just as burning odors can suggest underlying issues that may result in electrical fires, charred, smoking, or sparking outlets indicate the need for emergency electrical outlet repair.

Frayed or exposed wiring

Natural deterioration, pests, environmental factors, and other issues can cause your wiring to fray or become exposed, increasing the risk of shock or electrical fire. Likewise, uncovered junction boxes can pose similar risks due to sparks or electrical arcs.

Repeatedly tripped breakers or blown fuses

Overloading electrical circuits with devices can occasionally cause tripped breakers or blown fuses. However, repeated issues can suggest more urgent problems than simply rearranging your electronics and appliances. Ground faults, short circuits, and circuits with insufficient capacity can cause repeated breaker trips, increase shock, and risk electrical fire.

Our Emergency Electrical Services in Orange County

From flickering lights to power outages, our team can quickly respond and restore your electrical system to proper function. Adhering to Orange County electrical codes, we can handle various electrical emergencies, including:

  • Full power outages
  • Electrical panel malfunction
  • Damaged, sparking, or malfunctioning outlets or switches
  • Faulty wiring
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Faulty ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets
  • Damaged ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • EV charger breakdown

Why Choose Express Electrical Services for Emergency Electrical Services?

Serving Orange County and the surrounding Southern California areas since 1982, our licensed contractors provide on-demand emergency electrical services that customers rely on. Your safety is our priority, and our team provides 24/7 emergency electrical services to Orange County residents.

With industry-standard training, our electricians possess the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle anything from tripped circuit breakers and panel damage to faulty or exposed wiring. Using the most advanced techniques and tools, we can quickly troubleshoot your problem and resolve electrical emergencies to restore safety to your home.

Whether for emergency services or routine electrical needs, we offer several advantages that make us Orange County’s top choice. We offer around-the-clock availability and live operators so your emergency always gets through quickly to a technician, and we value rapid response and high-quality customer service. And while electrical systems support the comfort and convenience of your home, it shouldn’t come at the cost of increased risk — we emphasize safety and reliability to protect your household from electrical hazards and keep your system running as it should. Our customers back up our expert team’s electrical services with hundreds of five-star reviews.

What to Expect When You Call Us

There’s no need to panic over an electrical emergency when our team at Express Electrical is on their way to help. Your electrician will determine the appropriate immediate steps, such as whether you need to evacuate or turn off the main breaker, and go over basic troubleshooting steps if necessary. They’ll also consider the nature, location, and extent of the problem during their assessment.

You can expect the following when you contact us for emergency services:

  • Fast response: Urgency is key when it comes to electrical emergencies. With after-hours electrician availability, live operators, and several locations serving Orange County, Los Angeles, and other areas, our technicians can respond to your emergency within 90 minutes of your initial call.
  • Thorough services: Your electrician will arrive on time and ready to handle any electrical problem with a fully-stocked truck. They’ll carefully inspect your system to find the root cause of the problem, communicate their findings, provide a comprehensive estimate, and get to work resolving the problem.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: We stand behind the quality of our emergency electrical work and strive to complete customers services at the highest standard.
  • Competitive pricing: Between our affordable rates, discounts, financing options, and free estimates, our services come with some of the most competitive pricing in the Orange County area.
  • Safety first: We prioritize customer safety above all else. Even the most confident DIYer faces high risk with electrical work, and it’s best to leave all electrical work in the hands of licensed and skilled electricians who adhere to safety procedures and electrical codes.

Enjoy Safe and Reliable Service with Emergency Electrical Assistance from Express Electrical

With 24-hour electricians serving Orange County and other areas, Express Electrical is here to provide residents with safe and prompt emergency services. Don’t hesitate if you notice emergency warning signs — contact us today or book online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes an overloaded circuit?

Many factors can cause an overloaded circuit, including:

  • Excessive extension cords and power bars
  • Running multiple high-power devices on one circuit
  • Faulty wiring
  • Insufficient circuit amperage

How do you reset a tripped breaker?

If safe to do so, reset the tripped breaker by switching it from the center position to the off position, then back to the on position.


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