Lighting Installation and Repair in Santa Ana, CA

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Lighting Installation and Repair in Santa Ana, CA

Orange County Electrician Serving Local Residents’ Lighting Needs

Customers throughout Southern California have depended on our lighting expertise and commitment to quality and safety since 1982. Express Electrical Services employs trained and certified electricians who can address all interior and exterior lighting requirements. From troubleshooting and repairs to light installation, to creating design plans and color schemes, we offer the best in home improvement and luxury.

By investing in lighting updates, you can improve the function and safety of your home, increase energy efficiency, and improve home value. The right type of lighting can enhance the special dynamics and personality of each room. Our specially trained electricians can install everything from luxury kitchen and bathroom lighting to the most impressive landscape lighting in the neighborhood.

Whether looking to update your interior or exterior lighting, our electrician in Santa Ana is ready to help. Our team is fast and responsive, and ready to provide a quote and schedule service at the most convenient time.

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Lighting and Wiring for Santa Ana Homes

Wiring a lighting fixture without experience can be dangerous. Our technicians are trained to complete each job correctly and safely, and employ techniques and tools to avoid mistakes, damage, and injuries from electric shocks or burns. To our licensed electricians, wiring a switch or fixture is second nature, so you can have optimal lighting and peace of mind. You can therefore depend on our electrician in Orange County for:

Our Orange County electricians are experienced with installing recessed lighting that looks and works great while adding appeal to your home décor. Wiring a ceiling light in a hollow, recessed space can be a challenge, but our technicians are trained to be fast and effective.

LEDs can be used for backlighting, hallway/door lighting, bathroom vanities, stairways, workspaces, decks, and patios. Express Electrical Services can provide LED light installation in little time. We also wire all lighting components in a way that maximize efficiency and dependability.

The lighting in your kitchen provides visibility for cooking and sets the mood for family gatherings at the dinner table. Our Santa Ana electricians can install ceiling lights, cabinet lighting, track lighting, or ceiling or island light fixtures. Recessed lights, pendants, and chandeliers can also be installed.

Bathrooms require a specific form of task lighting for personal grooming and other needs. We can provide various types of general-purpose lighting, right down to convenient electrical light switches protected with GFCIs so your bathroom lighting is always functional and safe.

Interior Lighting Installation & Wiring

Express Electrical Services can provide any type of interior lighting installation, whether for small upgrades or complete remodels. Customers depend on us to install and wire:

A ceiling fan/light combo unit can be a great addition to your home; our Santa Ana electrician can help with wiring, so it functions properly and reliably.

Functional and elegant, chandeliers are large, complex installations. Our Orange County technicians can assist if you are looking to add class and style to your home.

Our capabilities aren’t limited to standard light switch wiring. We can enable control of your lights with motion, sound, or from your smartphone.

We can add timers to existing light fixtures, or wire your entire home so all your lights can be controlled automatically. Custom options are available as well.

Programmable dimmers enable you to set your lights to a schedule. Dimmers are also great for adjusting brightness at night, when your eyes are more light-sensitive.

Exterior Lighting Installation & Wiring

Specializing in outdoor lighting installation, Express Electrical Services can help you with:

Architectural elements, outdoor decorations, and exterior spaces can be illuminated to highlight any area of your home and complement its design.
Sets the mood you’d like and provides security. If you want to add a few extra lights or need an electrician to handle a complete lighting project, our team can help.
Enjoy a swim day or night with lighting fixtures that give your pool more safety and function. We’ll help you choose fixtures and complete pool lighting installation in no time.
Equip your home to deter potential intruders and/or set your lighting system up to activate as soon as you are near, so there’s no need to search in the dark for switches.
A transformer provides the power to support your outdoor lighting system, lowering the voltage to safely power outdoor lighting fixtures and more.

Contact a Lighting Expert at Express Electrical Services

Often complex and technical, lighting installation is a job for an experienced electrician. Express Electrical Services can manage the entire process safely. Our Santa Ana electricians can also help select the right fixtures. Ensuring they’re installed correctly, our technicians can also be there for repairs and to ensure your indoor and outdoor lighting is working correctly. We’re also available for emergency repairs, able to reach your home in 60-90* minutes, and offer financing as well. To request lighting repair and installation service in Santa Ana, contact us today.


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