Home Wiring & Re-Wiring Services in Santa Ana, CA

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Home Wiring & Re-Wiring Services in Santa Ana, CA

Orange County Electricians Providing Indoor & Outdoor Residential Electrical Wiring

Providing service throughout Orange County, Express Electrical Services is trusted for any type of home electrical wiring and re-wiring project. Customers in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and other communities depend on our trained, licensed, and experienced Santa Ana electricians to service their electrical wiring and upgrade their electrical systems. Only a skilled electrician has the training and tools to complete the job effectively and safely, and you can always count on us for re-wiring a house in Orange County.

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Why You May Need to Re-Wire Your House

Only an experienced technician can say for sure you need new electrical house wiring. However, you may suspect an update is necessary if you have:

  • Cloth-insulated wiring installed prior to 1950.
  • Knob and tube wiring installed in homes built before 1935.
  • Aluminum wiring used in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Outlets and an electrical system that lack grounding.
  • Two-prong outlets installed throughout the house.
  • Too few outlets or not enough power.
  • Multiple extension cords used regularly.

Indoor/Outdoor Residential Electrical Wiring

Our Santa Ana electricians are here to meet all your indoor and outdoor wiring and re-wiring needs. If you need a new panel or board, or to update your electrical switches, our qualified electricians can do so quickly and make sure the system is safe. We can install appliances, ceiling fans, and chandeliers. Plus, we can run any outdoor electrical wire. That includes connections for security cameras, exterior lighting, and any wires run through your yard, patio, or landscaping.

Electrical Wiring for New Room Additions

House wiring, electrical outlets, switches, fuses, and other components are crucial to completing any room addition. Contact Express Electrical Services to discuss your project. Our technician in Santa Ana can oversee and complete any electrical work to ensure your new room is functional and safe.

Electrical Wiring & Re-Wiring Services

An electrical wire is a delicate component and requires skill and experience to install correctly. Serving Orange County since 1982, our team of dedicated electricians can install any component requiring a connection to your home electrical wiring. Loyal customers depend on us time and again, thanks to our commitment to customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and state-of-the-art tools.

You can count on us to install:

Ground fault interrupt circuits are a must in any modern home. A current imbalance, combined with moisture and a high power demand, can cause a severe shock or burn. The GFCI cuts the flow in a fraction of a second, so a power spike or ground fault cannot harm you.

There are various reasons you may need new switches, outlets, or dimmers. They may be outdated and the latest appliances and electronics demand more than they can handle. An electrical wire behind an outlet may have dried out or rotted. A replacement can improve your electrical capacity and reduce the risk of a fire.

The appliances in your kitchen draw quite a bit of power. Too much or too little can cause refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances to work improperly, or their lifespan may be shortened. We can send an experienced technician to install the house wiring to support them, without the risks of inexperience.

A problem with your electrical panel can affect your entire home. We know how to fix panels and have experience upgrading them in all types of homes, so you’re not left with a fire hazard or a lack of power. If your lights flicker, or the panel sparks/sizzles, call us immediately to address this and upgrade your panel to a 200-amp unit if necessary.

Re-wiring a house with a new circuit breaker can prevent overloading. Your safety is drastically improved. Other reasons to consider a new breaker include insurance incentives and potentially an increased home resale value.

Fuse boxes tend to be quite durable. They still wear out over time, and the constant flow of electricity can take a toll. You may notice rust or even burn marks, or fuses start to blow frequently. When that happens, call our Santa Ana house re-wiring technicians and we’ll install a new fuse box to resolve your electrical problems.

Installed in homes before 1935, knob and tube wiring should be replaced ASAP. It is an immediate risk because of its low capacity, lack of grounding, and old cloth and rubber insulation that has become brittle. Knobs and tubes are illegal in most places and can even make your home uninsurable. Are you not sure how to update your house electrical wiring? Not to worry; Express Electrical Services has a team of qualified electricians who can help.

An electrical meter is an important piece of equipment every homeowner is expected to maintain. The utility company uses it to measure how much electricity is consumed. We specialize in cable and meter socket installation and service, so you can rely on Express Electrical Services in Santa Ana to maintain your equipment.


For any home wiring or re-wiring services in Orange County, contact our reliable & highly-rated electricians at Express Electrical Services. We offer financing, specials & discounts on most services. Want to see what customers think of us? Check out our testimonials. Call 714-406-1322 today!


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