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Highly-Rated & Trusted Riverside Electricians Available 24/7 for All Emergencies

Express Electrical Services is a team of highly rated, trained, and licensed electricians serving Riverside County. Call us for emergency repairs in case of a power surge or outage, or consult our local electrician if you need a remodel or upgrade. Our electricians in Ramona are well-known for our same-day electrical service and for handling electrical safety, lighting, rewiring, and other needs.

Ramona is the home of Heritage House, a three-story mansion that exemplifies Queen Ann Victorian architecture. The Sherman Indian Museum, one of 34 Mission Revival structures built by the Sherman Institute, U.S. Indian School, is another historical site. Many of the neighborhood’s homes are near and along historic Magnolia Avenue.

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24-Hour Electrical Service in Ramona

Contact us and our 24-hour electricians in Ramona can be at your home in 60-90* minutes. If you experience an electrical shock, surge, or fire, our electrician are never far away. Tripped circuit breakers, flickering/dimming lights, burning plastic smells, sparks, and buzzing sounds are no laughing matter and can put you at serious risk. We’ll send our Ramona electrician to your home to perform an electrical repair—fast.

Residential Electrician for Any Electrical Repair

Express Electrical Services can troubleshoot any issue to determine its exact nature and cause. We’ll replace overloaded fuses, melted wires, and replace any faulty or outdated wiring in your home. Our licensed electrician will look for signs of a faulty outlet, whether it’s hot to the touch or there are char marks, sparks, and buzzing sounds.

Whether you have damaged electrical cords or worn out aluminum wires, our Ramona electricians can deal with the problem and restore your safety. Lighting issues can be addressed as well. Our certified electrician is thorough and makes sure all electrical repairs are fixed before they leave.

Electrical Installations & Home Rewiring Services

We are your home electrical installation experts. Whether you’re looking to save time and expenses on a home EV charger station or upgrade to a state-of-the-art electrical automation system, we’ll send our electrician to explore all options. Several options are available for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our licensed electrician can also allow access to your lighting, security cameras, and appliances via wireless controls and you smartphone.

Then again, we are just as skilled installing new electrical panels, outlets, kitchen/bathroom/garage lighting, ceiling/attic fans, and HVAC units.

Our electricians in Ramona are available to handle all your electrical rewiring needs. It’s very important that any newly installed or updated unit is wired correctly. Experienced in electrical repair and upgrades, our electricians can come to your home for:

GFCI Outlets

GFCI breaker is a type of outlet that trips the circuit if there’s a current spike or ground fault.


Our licensed residential electrician can replace a faulty switches & outlets, including dimmer; old wires; and two-prong outlets.

Kitchen Appliances

By properly wiring a microwave, refrigerator, or dishwasher, our certified electrician can make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Electric Panels

Updating electric service panels over 30 years old will increase your home’s electrical capacity and eliminate a major fire risk.

Knob & Tube Circuits

These old knob & tube circuits don’t support central air conditioners and other modern amenities; plus, brittle insulation and lack of grounding can pose serious dangers.

Electrical Remodeling

Customers often count on our electrician in Ramona to install fuses, wires, switches, and more when they need electrical remodeling services in Riverside County.

Home Safety Services

Our local electricians in Ramona are the one to call for ensuring the safety of your home and family. You can count on Express Electrical Services to properly install carbon monoxide detectors in the right places. We also hard-wire smoke detectors, making sure they work and drained batteries won’t leave you unprotected.

There are many reasons to depend on same-day electrical service. On the security front, we can install bright floodlights that turn on using timers and motion detectors. They can startle intruders and scare them away. We’ll make sure every inch of your exterior is covered.

Storms can threaten your home as well. When lightning strikes, powerful surges can burn out sensitive electronics and appliances. Major damage can happen in a fraction of a second, but a whole house surge protector can provide invaluable protection.

Lighting Services

Upgrades to your interior & exterior lighting can freshen up your décor and boost your comfort and safety. We install all kinds of lighting fixtures inside the home, as well as occupancy sensors, timers, and dimmers. Outside, our Ramona electrician can install landscape and pool lighting, motion sensors, and transformers.

Call Express Electrical Services in Ramona Today

Customers anywhere in Riverside County depend on us for quality, fast repairs. We can reach you in 60-90* minutes and offer 24-hour electrical service in Ramona. Whether you need repairs or upgrades, or have an electrical installation or electrical remodel project, our prices are competitive, and financing is available, while specials and coupons can help you save. For more information on our highly rated electrical company and to schedule a visit by electricians in Ramona, contact us today!



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