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The presence of water can create a current imbalance, which causes an electric shock if you use an electrical device that gets wet. Express Electrical Services installs and repairs ground fault circuit interrupter (“GFCI” or “GFI”) outlets in Los Angeles homes to protect against shocks and potential electrocution. They are required in locations where water may be present, like a kitchen or bathroom.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can trust our licensed electricians to install GFCI technology in your home. We also provide GFI repairs. Available 24/7, we can reach your home in an emergency, so call us if a GFCI outlet isn’t working or malfunctions. There’s a high risk of a shock or damage to devices.

What Does a GFCI Do?

Inside a GFCI receptacle, the current between the hot and neutral slots must match. It serves as a receptacle but also constantly monitors the flow of current. When there’s an imbalance (like when water is present), the outlet automatically trips the circuit and cuts power to connected electrical devices and downstream outlets. Therefore, it’s ideal if you use a hairdryer in a bathroom or an electrical tool outside where there may be water or moisture.

The requirements for GFCIs have increased over the years. Nowadays, every home must have them near sources of water. A GFCI outlet must be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages as well as near swimming pools.

Benefits of GFCI Outlets

Our Los Angeles electricians install GFCI outlets in homes for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of these innovative safety devices:

  • Compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC): The NEC requires homes to have GFCI outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas, garages, crawlspaces, laundry rooms, and other wet or damp areas. They’re now required for all 125-volt single-phase outlets.
  • Prevention of Electric Shocks: If electricity flows along an unintended path, the outlet’s sensor triggers it to cut power. The smallest changes in electrical current can be detected, and the GFCI responds within 1/30 of a second. Therefore, if a device is exposed to water or a wire is exposed, you will remain safe.
  • Prevention of Electrical Fires: A ground fault can cause a leakage of electrical current that can spark an electrical fire. Tens of thousands of home fires occur each year for this reason. They’re often caused by deteriorated wire insulation, which triggers leaks of electrical current that a GFCI can detect.
  • Protect Electrical Devices from Damage: Leaks of electrical current can damage appliances over time. A GFCI outlet ensures a continuous power loop from the source to the appliance and back to the receptacle. Therefore, a GFCI can help increase the life expectancy of electrical devices and appliances.
  • GFCI Outlets Can Save You Money: If you have out-of-date outlets, they’re likely draining energy. A simple upgrade can improve efficiency. It can also prevent property damage and fires, which avoids expensive repairs. Therefore, you save on energy costs and repair bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Tell a GFCI from a Regular Outlet?

A GFCI looks similar to a standard outlet but is often a little larger. It also has test and reset buttons. If the internal sensor trips the outlet, pressing the reset button will restore power if the condition causing the trip has been resolved. Pressing the test button should turn the circuit off, meaning the outlet is working.

How Often Should I Test the Receptacle?

Professional electricians advise testing a GFCI outlet monthly. This is often enough to ensure it’s working properly. If you have a portable GFCI for outdoor equipment, test it before each use.

Can I Convert a Standard Outlet to a GFCI?

You can’t turn a regular outlet into a GFI. However, nearly any outlet in your home can be replaced with one, but this requires the receptacle to be wired correctly. It’s best to hire a trained electrician to do this.

Are There Things I Shouldn’t Plug Into a GFI Outlet?

It’s not advised to install refrigerators, freezers, or other large appliances into a GFCI outlet. Try to avoid plugging lights into a GFCI circuit; if it trips, you won’t be able to see to reset it!

You also want to avoid nuisance tripping due to small amounts of leakage. Therefore, avoid installing a GFCI on a circuit longer than 100 feet or for a fluorescent or other electric-discharge lighting fixture.

Contact Express Electrical Services for GFCI Outlet Installation in Los Angeles

Express Electrical licensed electrical contractors provide GFCI outlet installation and repair in Los Angeles. If you experience electrical problems or a GFCI malfunctions, we’re available 24/7 to address an emergency. Our team can respond in 60-90 minutes. We can also assess your home to determine if additional GFCI protection is necessary. To request GFCI outlet installation or repair, and find out about our latest coupons and discounts, call (888) 778-9651 today.



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