8 Must-Have Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

Whether you’re building, renovating, or remodeling a home, there are many choices to make. Electrical upgrades are among the most effective projects in terms of improving functionality, safety, and energy efficiency (not to mention property value). They also help maintain electrical code compliance. There are many options—here are eight must-have upgrades to consider:

1. Smart Home Upgrades

The market is flooded with gadgets and devices that boost convenience and efficiency. Many of them can be controlled using your smartphone. For example, a smart switch lets you control lighting remotely, even if you’re away, to improve security. Smart doorbell cameras let you see who’s at the door without being home or anywhere near your front door, while smart locks can shut automatically or be controlled from afar.

Other smart upgrades can include:
  • Smart thermostats/temperature control systems
  • Smart lighting with motion detection
  • Smart surveillance cameras
  • Smart home alarm systems
  • Smart smoke alarms for more accurate detection

2. LED Lights

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are renowned for their energy efficiency and lighting quality. They also last several times longer than, for example, incandescent, compact fluorescent, or halogen lighting systems. Since they’re so efficient, little heat is generated and your power bill may decrease after installing LED lighting, which is quite an affordable indoor or outdoor lighting update.

3. Additional Outlets

Adding outlets is always a great idea, especially if you have the circuit capacity. They can avoid using extension cords or overloading existing outlets. Smart options include outlets with USB ports for charging devices. You won’t need USB adapters for your phones, tablets, or laptops.

 4. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

GFCIs trip instantly if an electrical outlet comes in contact with moisture. Since water can cause a ground fault, which may trigger electric shock and fire, GFCI outlets provide a distinct safety advantage. In fact, they’re an official requirement for any new construction or renovation.

5. Electrical Panel Updates

Modern appliances use a lot of power, and many homeowners are installing entertainment systems, hot tubs, and other amenities with high power demands. If you haven’t done so in several decades, an electrical panel update can increase capacity to 100 amps or even 200 amps. Consider an upgrade if you often have flickering lights, tripped breakers, noise from the panel, or burning odors.

6. Electrical Wiring Rework

Most electrical wires are in the walls, so replacing them can be extremely disruptive. However, if you’re already doing a home renovation, you have an opportunity to let an electrician rewire your electrical system. Our technicians will install new wires, switches, and circuits as part of your renovation project.

7. Charging Stations

If you’re considering USB outlets, you can take things to the next level by setting up a dedicated charging station in your home. It can support multiple digital devices at once. Your family will never fight for an available charging port. By installing a charging station, other ports will be available for home appliances.

8. Energy Monitors

Modern innovations now let you monitor energy consumption in your home using a smartphone app. It’s no longer just about installing efficient appliances and devices. If you’re serious about controlling how much electricity you use, you can track how much power devices are drawing or track trends over time. This makes it easier to adjust your habits according to efficiency goals.

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