What Are the Advantages of Replacing Your Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel, or electrical service panel, is an essential part of a home electrical system, although it is usually hidden out of sight. A variety of problems can originate there. If you’re experiencing a number of electrical issues, upgrading or replacing your electrical panel can often eliminate them. Continue reading to see some benefits of replacing the service panel and learn the signs it may need to be replaced.

Advantages of electrical panel replacement include:

  • Increased Home Safety: Increased safety is one of the greatest advantages of an electrical panel upgrade or replacement. A malfunctioning panel increases the risk of an electrical fire, which can significantly damage or destroy your home. This occurs in tens of thousands of households every year. Replacing an older electrical panel incorporates newer technology designed to work more safely and ensure your electrical system works properly. Your homeowner’s insurance rate may even be reduced thanks to the reduced fire risk.
  • Additional Circuits and Appliances: With a service panel upgrade, you can add circuits and thus more outlets to support more electronics and appliances. You can also add dedicated circuits for high power appliances, such as air conditioners. A modern electrical circuit panel can handle the workload of AC units, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, hot tubs, and other appliances. It may add value to your home and make an older structure more versatile in the number of new devices it can support.
  • More Consistent Power: With an older panel, inconsistent power can cause circuits to overload and circuit breakers to trip. The power needed by modern devices and appliances may be too much for a panel not rated for the high demand. Electrical panel replacement can therefore result in a steadier flow of power on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, you won’t continue to trip breakers or risk damaging expensive appliances.

Signs You May Need to Replace Your Electrical Panel

An electrical panel is designed to last many years, but eventually you will need to replace it. Some of the tell-tale signs that your service panel may need to be repaired or replaced include:

  • The panel feels warm, emits a burnt smell, or there are burn marks on it, meaning more power is flowing through than it can handle.
  • Your home is over 25 years old, and hasn’t had a panel upgrade, or is still served by a fuse box in which fuses that get too hot burn out and must be replaced.
  • Odd noises come from the outlets, including clicking, buzzing, or humming, which can indicate an outlet, wiring, or electrical panel problem. Smoke may even appear from outlets.
  • The circuit breakers trip too frequently, signaling electrical demand may be exceeding the panel’s capacity.
  • Lights are flickering because they’re not receiving enough power. Appliances may be affected in a similar way as they won’t run at full power.

It can be difficult, and dangerous, to try to diagnose and fix the problem on your own. Instead, play it safe and contact a certified electrician to find the root cause of your electrical issues. They can help decide whether electrical panel repair is possible or suggest installing a brand new, more reliable service panel.

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