Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Home

LED lighting technology is quickly replacing traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. An LED, or light emitting diode, is more efficient than filaments and other components of older light bulbs. Here are a few reasons to consider installing LED lights in your home or business.


A conventional bulb converts only 20% of its energy into light. The rest is lost as heat. On the other hand, LED lighting is as much as 80% to 90% efficient. Nearly all the electrical energy drawn by the product is converted into light. This may save you hundreds of dollars in the cost of electricity over a single year, allowing you to take advantage of the perks of an energy efficient home.


The 2013 California Energy Efficiency Standard, or Title 24, applies to every new construction and renovation project in the state. By using LED products, you can meet or exceed the requirements outlined in this standard. The standard also covers indoor and outdoor lighting controls, electrical power distribution systems, and building energy performance in general.

Longer Life

Some LED bulbs can operate continuously for 100,000 hours. That is 11 years of nonstop lighting, but if you use LED lights for just half of each day, you might get more than 20 years of use out of them. On the other hand, many conventional bulbs may last months or less. If you want to install lighting in a stairwell or other tight area, efficient lighting is the way to go.


LED’s come in many sizes and configurations. From single to multiple diodes in a single compact package, LED lighting can consist of multiple arrays of light sources. Color temperature is another factor. The correlated color temperature (CCT) of a light usually falls between 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin, the lower number being warmer or more yellow and the higher numbers representing colder, bluer light (by comparison, the noontime sun in a clear sky is about 5,500K). You can, therefore, find LED lights for many environments and purposes.

Light Management

Traditional bulbs offer few options to manage light distribution, but LED lighting can direct light to where you want it. You can, therefore, choose to accent certain centerpieces or parts of a room. In addition to accuracy, LED lights can be easily dimmed, allowing the user to select how much light they want at once.

Compatibility with Existing Sockets

LED bulbs are available as replacements to traditional lights, so can, therefore, fit into a socket you already have. However, different bulbs are designed for different sized sockets. You can’t just fit any new bulb into whatever socket you have. Replace an existing socket if it looks worn, damaged, or corroded or contact a professional if you believe electrical repairs are needed.

Compatibility with New Technology

For maximum technological advantages, choose smart LED bulbs. Programmable ones can be controlled via your smartphone. Some even change colors to accommodate the desired mood and effect. Such bulbs are costlier than standard LED products, but the benefits can be well worth it depending on your needs.

Contact a Los Angeles Electrician for Energy Efficiency Improvements

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