Signs It’s Time to Call for Emergency Electrical Wiring Repair

A damaged outlet or malfunctioning appliance is an obvious sign to call for emergency electrical repair in a home or office. But the most dangerous of all issues are ones you cannot see. Despite being hidden behind walls, faulty or outdated wiring can put your household at risk. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, an estimated 51,000 home fires each year occur due to electrical faults.¹ 

But recognizing these signs you need emergency electrical wiring repair and hiring a professional ASAP can avoid injuries, deaths, and major property damage:

When to Call an Electrician

The Lights Keep Dimming or Flickering

Many people shrug it off when lights flicker. But this is a mistake. If tightening a loose bulb or changing one that’s about to go doesn’t fix the problem, call an electrician. Light fixtures don’t draw much power, so they are rarely the source of the issue. The problem is often wiring that’s overloaded by too many appliances or damaged; it can start a fire if not fixed promptly.

An Outlet Feels Hot or Sparks

Heat is a common sign of an overloaded circuit or a wire arcing. An electrical arc occurs when current leaves its intended path, such as when a wire’s insulation has broken or melted. As a result, an outlet may feel hot or spark. Whether an outlet, appliance, or breaker panel sparks, it should be considered an emergency. An electrician can test any fixture or appliance to determine the source of the problem and provide immediate repairs.

A Burning or Fishy Odor

Any such odor can mean wire insulation is melting or an electrical fire may have started. Call a professional specializing in emergency electrical repair for homes and businesses if a strange smell seems to be coming from a switch, panel, or appliance. If the source is an outlet, shut off and disconnect anything plugged into it. Turn off the circuit breaker for that area. Don’t use the affected outlet/device again until after the circuit has been re-wired. 

A Circuit Breaker Trips Repeatedly

Circuit breakers trip and cut power when a circuit is overloaded or there’s too much current. This often happens when an appliance draws more current than the circuit can handle. But overheating due to bad wiring can trip a breaker. While the breaker may reset when you switch it back on, it will trip again if the underlying issue persists. 

The Buzzing Sound of Electricity

Electricity is quiet when everything is working properly. But a frayed or melted wire can cause current to leak or jump, which creates a telltale buzzing sound. Stop using any outlet, switch, fixture, or appliance that makes a buzzing noise, and call for emergency electrical wiring repair.

You Get Shocked by an Electrical Component or Device

A shock from an outlet or when plugging in a device is a serious warning sign. Even the slightest tingle means something isn’t right. No electrical current should leave the circuit. Shocks can mean the connection isn’t properly grounded or a wire is loose, overloaded, outdated, or faulty. Call an electrician ASAP to replace the affected wiring.

Contact Us for Emergency Electrical Wiring Repair

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