Do I Need an Electrician for Lighting Repairs?

Working with electricity is dangerous if you’re not experienced or properly equipped. You’ve probably been advised not to fix or replace wiring, an electrical panel, or a circuit in your home. But what about lighting? Many people don’t consider it part of their electrical system. Lights and fixtures have wiring and electrical connections; mishandling them can cause numerous problems, which is why an electrician is needed for lighting repairs.

Why Do I Need a Professional for Home Lighting Repair?

You might feel handy and rewarded after a DIY repair. Nonetheless, leaving the work to a professional is wise because:

Small Errors Can Cause Damage/Injuries

Making a mistake or missing a seemingly small detail can lead to damage that shorts out the circuit, breaks the fixture, or causes an outage. You might try doing the work with the intent of saving. But you could end up paying an electrician more to fix your mistakes. 

Light fixtures are connected directly to your electrical system. The first step in any job is to turn off the circuit, but that doesn’t mean electricity can’t reach the fixture. You could get a shock if power reaches the light’s junction box from elsewhere. Each wire should be carefully tested. An electrician has all the tools needed to get the job done right and ensure your safety.

Wiring May Be Frayed or Outdated

An older fixture may have frayed wiring. You may not know it’s there. But touching it while you’re working can result in electrocution. Electricity can arc from an exposed conductor to another wire or human skin. Outdated wiring is a risk as well; it might be deteriorating. Even if it’s not, it could be overloaded. 

In any case, there is a significant injury and fire risk. Signs of outdated wiring include flickering bulbs, discolored outlets, a burning plastic odor, and frequently tripped breakers. You’ll need an electrician to re-wire the circuit or your entire home to fix the problem.

An Electrician Has the Right Tools

If you’re taking on a DIY project, chances are you’re missing some important tools. Electricians carry a toolkit with everything they need. A non-contact voltage tester to verify the circuit is off is just the tip of the iceberg. Licensed technicians have the tools and equipment to provide lighting repair, whether it’s fixtures, landscape lighting, recessed lighting, or any other type of light or lighting system component.

Electricians Have the Proper Supplies

Without experience, you may forget some items or not know they are needed. Home lighting repair often requires the right-sized screws. If the screw is too long, it can be cut using a wire stripper with a bolt cutter. 

The fixture will also need the correct mounting brackets. A professional knows the types of brackets that work with the fixture or its configuration. They can also deal with short wires by connecting pigtails, or new pieces of wire, to the wires you have. These safely allow electricity to reach the fixture.

The Electrical Panel May Be Mislabeled

It’s quite a jolt when you think the circuit is off but receive a shock anyway. An electrician can test each circuit to know which one the light, switch, or outlet in question is on. In renovated homes, circuits and fixtures are often rewired, making the panel label incorrect. When working with a professional, make sure they relabel the service panel in addition to completing repairs.

There May Be Other Electrical Problems

An electrician can address anything from a faulty bulb to a damaged fixture, socket, or switch. Wiring and wiring connections may be the cause of the issue. But these aren’t always limited to the fixture. A wiring issue elsewhere in your home may be causing the light to malfunction. An electrician knows how to search for and identify such problems and repair them.

Contact Express Electrical Services for Home Lighting Repair

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