Wiring and Rewiring Your Property


Rewiring your home is a good idea, especially if you have outdated electrical wiring. The computers, entertainment systems, refrigerators, and security systems available now didn’t exist when many homes were built. If your house is 30 or 40 years old (or older), and has its original wiring, an update should definitely be considered.

It’s a good idea to have a professional regularly check your electrical wiring. Nearly 26,000 electrical fires happen every year, the U.S. Fire Administration has estimated. Old outlets and receptacles and bad interior wiring are among the most common causes of home electrical fires.

Rewiring a house takes a lot of work. It should always be done by a professional. Attempting any electrical work yourself is a bad idea and can lead to electrical shock, burns, other injuries, or death. You may ask, “why is rewiring my home so important?” Here are a few reasons why:

There are Warning Signs of Trouble

Electrical systems are notorious for symptoms people often ignore. They may not seem too bad at first, such as a flight that occasionally dims or flickers. Such a symptom may indicate an overloaded circuit or loose connection, so a technician should look into it. Other serious warning signs include:

  • Fuses that blow frequently
  • Breakers that trip often
  • Hot/discolored switch plates, plugs, or cords
  • Light bulbs that burn out quickly
  • A burning smell
  • Buzzing/sizzling noises from an outlet/panel
  • Sparks or shocks when a cord is plugged/unplugged
  • A loose outlet
  • Insulation that’s cracked, cut, or broken

Call a Los Angeles electrician if you have any of these. Also consider a qualified professional if you regularly depend on extension cords or have recently added a major new appliance. Ungrounded two-prong outlets should be replaced with three-prong outlets. If you still have aluminum wiring, have it updated with safer copper wiring.

The Professionals Know How It’s Done

There are things you can do, like make a list of all devices that use electricity. It can help an electrician understand the scope of the job. Beyond that, you need to find an electrician in Los Angeles who:

  • Has experience doing electrical work in older buildings, which can present unique complexities and difficulties.
  • Is familiar with local codes and permits, which outline how many outlets are needed in each room to the kind of wire to use.
  • Can integrate your electrical, data, fire, and security systems as these are often combined into sophisticated installations.
  • Knows how to assess your infrastructure for existing wiring and plumbing, as to not cause unanticipated damage.
  • Can install direct wiring from a circuit breaker to a specific outlet, to support a single device and reduce system load.
  • Find switches and plates that match the aesthetics of your home, which is beneficial if it has historic architecture.

Rewiring your property therefore isn’t just about simple wires. Critical electrical components wear out over time, or may not support multiple devices and appliances running at once. The electrical panel you have may be outdated, which can be a dangerous situation. While 100 amps used to be standard it is no longer enough. A trained electrician can replace an old panel with a 200-amp unit capable of handling higher loads.

Contact Express Electrical Services

If you believe your home is a candidate for a rewiring project, contact Express Electrical Services today. We serve all of Southern California and have the expertise and tools to keep your home and family safe. Schedule a visit by a Los Angeles electrician by calling (323) 727-7799. 

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