How Do I Know When I Need An Electrician?


There was a time in the not-too-distant past when homeowners handled many of their electrical needs themselves. Times have changed significantly in a relatively short period, however, with the average household using far more electricity than its counterpart of the past, and wiring systems and components are far more complex. Although every homeowner should become familiar with the basics of household electricity, one of the most important things to know is when the job calls for a professional. Here’s what you need to know about when the services of a professional electrician in Los Angeles are in order.

You’re Using Extension Cords for Everyday Purposes

Extension cords aren’t meant to be used in place of permanent wiring, so be sure to only use them in your home for temporary purposes. If you’ve found that your household electricity needs aren’t being met without frequent use of these cords, it’s time to contact an electrician to talk about an electrical upgrade. Extension cords also pose a safety hazard by increasing the risk of trip-and-fall accidents in the home, and if used improperly, they may increase the risk of fire danger. 

The same principle applies to power strips, except they don’t pose a trip-and-fall danger. If you’re using these in more than just a couple of your outlets, you need upgraded wiring to handle your electricity needs. 

Your Lights and Lamps Flicker and Dim

Although it’s a common misconception that flickering and dimming lights are caused by faulty fixtures and malfunctions in lamps, the culprit is more likely to be inadequate wiring. Talk to your local electrical contractor about performing an inspection of your household wiring to determine whether you’re due for the installation of dedicated wiring designed for lighting and major appliances. This problem is common in older homes that were built before homeowners had as many electrical needs. 

You’ve Got Hot Walls, Scorch Marks Around Outlets, and Burning Odors

It’s a good idea to routinely place your hand, palm down, on various parts of the walls in your home to test for hot or warm spaces — these are an indication of faulty wiring, and you need to call an electrician immediately if you notice them. Scorch marks on and around outlets and unexplained burning odors are other signs that your wiring needs professional attention. Don’t use outlets that have scorch marks or odd smells coming from them until they’ve been inspected and repaired by a qualified electrician.

Your Main Service Panel Is Rusty

Rust or other signs of moisture in the vicinity of your home’s service panel is a sure sign that something’s seriously wrong with your household electrical system. It could mean that your home’s wiring is deteriorating. Keep in mind that rust is an indication of water, and water and electricity do not mix. Avoid touching the panel and call your electrical company in LA immediately. 

Your Breakers Trip and Your Circuits Blow Frequently

If these conditions are common in your home, it could be that you’re using more electricity than your current wiring system can handle. It could also mean that one or more of your circuits are experiencing a significant malfunction. 

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