7 Ways to Save Energy in Your Garage

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Wasted energy, poor insulation & poor sealing in your garage can affect your entire home. Our Los Angeles Electricians can help find areas for improvement too. Here’s how you can conserve energy in the garage.

  1. Install Insulation If your garage and home are attached, hot and cold air can move back and forth, making it hard to control the temperature inside. Air quality can become a concern as well. To mitigate these issues, insulate walls, garage doors, windows, light switches, and plug sockets to reduce HVAC system demand.
  2. Add, Inspect, and Replace Seals Air can get through any open spaces, large or small, so install weather stripping where necessary, and inspect seals from time to time. Worn or damaged sealing materials should be replaced. To prevent air leakage from under the garage door, add doorstops, and seal windows and skylights as well.
  3. Lower Water Heater Temperature Set the unit below 120°F to conserve energy. Newer units, with a high Energy Factor rating, should be considered if your water heater is outdated. You can also save energy by lowering the heat while on vacation and draining the heater to remove sediment, which can prevent premature wear and boost efficiency.
  4. Maintain Your Floors Garages are notorious for temperature changes, which can crack cement floors. Even tiny cracks can affect temperature control and waste energy. Exposure to moisture only makes the problem worse. Sealing floors with concrete caulk is an affordable solution, but you can add carpets, rugs, and mats as well.
  5. Organize Your Garage Disorganization can affect energy efficiency, as clutter can make it hard to manage temperatures. Cleaning out your garage and adding practical storage solutions might make it more efficient, safe, and comfortable while keeping out pests that can destroy insulation and other materials, further reducing efficiency.
  6. Invest in LED Lighting Using less energy, LED lights also produce less heat than CFL light bulbs. They last longer as well. You can boost efficiency even more by installing light timers, which can be programmed to conveniently turn the lights on and off at the appropriate times. A timer can also avoid leaving the lights on, which can waste precious energy.
  7. Add an EV Charging Station If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, why not install an electric vehicle charging station at home? You will, however, need an Orange County electrician for a professional installation. Incorrect attachments can put your home in danger. A qualified electrician can also ensure the right model, voltage, and amperage are used.

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