Why Are Smoke Alarms Important?


In most states – including California – smoke detectors are required to be installed in every home. Beyond the fact that these alarms are a legal requirement, though, why are smoke alarms so important? While smoke alarms may not seem like a necessity, they may end up saving both your home and your life.

Sleeping Through a Fire

House fires are most dangerous at night – not only because most people will be at home during the fire if it starts in the middle of the night but also because of the possibility that everyone may be asleep when it starts. Many people feel as if a fire would immediately wake them up – alarm or not. However, this is a misconception.

The sad reality is that many people who die in house fires are often found in their beds, meaning that the smoke and fire never woke them up and they died in their sleep. House fires rapidly consume the oxygen in a home and replace it with large amounts of carbon monoxide. While you will wake up if you are suffocating from a lack of oxygen or if the flames have reached your body, inhaling lethal amounts of carbon monoxide will never disturb your sleep. In most cases, it is the carbon monoxide from the smoke that kills far before the flames or oxygen starvation.

Even if the noise, smell, or heat of the fire does manage to wake you up before it harms you, it may still be too late. If you’ve ever heard one of the countless stories of people being trapped in a burning building, you know that fires can make it impossible to escape from a home once they grow to a certain point. If the flames have enveloped the hallway outside your bedroom, you may not even be able to open the door due to how hot the doorknob will have become – much less make your way through the roaring flames to the nearest exit. If there is a window in your bedroom you may stand a chance at escaping, but even then you risk being seriously injured if you are able to escape at all.

While all of this sounds very frightening, you can rest assured in the fact that it is all completely avoidable. High-quality smoke alarms will detect the first wisp of smoke from a fire and wake up you and your entire family, allowing you plenty of time to safely make your way out of the house. In fact, they may even be able to detect the fire quickly enough that the fire department is able to save your home before it is destroyed.

How Express Electrical Services can Help Keep You Safe from Fires

At Express Electrical Services, we want to do our part to make sure homeowners are as safe as possible in their homes. Installing smoke detectors is a necessity that may end up saving your life, and we can ensure that your home is equipped with high-quality smoke detectors that will never fail, even if there is a power outage. If you are searching for electricians in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County or anywhere in Southern California to equip your home with smoke alarms, we invite you to contact us today.

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