Tips on Baby Proofing Cables and Christmas Decorations

Safety for babies and toddlers is always a concern with electrical wires, cables, and equipment. During the holiday season, there are even more potential hazards. A baby’s natural curiosity is heightened when there are lights, plugs, and wires combined with holiday decorations. Here are some tips on baby proofing cables, decorations, and Christmas trees so your family stays safe this season.

Best Ways of Baby Proofing Cables

Keeping babies, toddlers, and children away from cables is always a challenge. But you can use the following options to secure cabling:

  • Cable Ties: Nylon zip ties help bundle different cables to make things neater. Some are colored so you can identify which wires you’ve bundled. There are also reusable cable ties; these releasable ties have latching teeth that separate so you can remove the tie without cutting it.
  • Cable Management Coil: This flexible coil wraps around cables and cords. You can then safely tuck them away. The coil can be unwrapped and wrapped again many times while a rubber coating securely grips the cords and protects them against damage.
  • Cord Protector: Cord covers are available in rubber or plastic strips that protect the cable against foot traffic. They prevent tripping as well. You can also run cables without worrying about a baby or toddler getting hold of them. Curved covers, and even fabric and tape covers, help run wires on curved or uneven surfaces.
  • Wire Loom: Strands of Christmas lights pose a significant hazard to babies and toddlers attracted to the color and brightness. A heat-resistant polypropylene wire loom not only keeps your tree/cables baby-proof but can also protect against fire.

How to Baby Proof Your Christmas Tree

While cables and wiring can seriously injure a baby, so can a Christmas tree that’s misused or falls over. A decorated tree may look like a new toy to play with. At the very least, it’s something to explore. But here are a few suggestions to follow in addition to baby proofing cables in your home:

  • Don’t Finish the Tree All At Once: Give youngsters a chance to get used to this new, albeit temporary addition to your home. To do so, put the tree up in stages. First, set up the tree and add the lights. Wait a few days to add the ornaments. 
  • Install an Outlet Cover: Outlet covers come in many forms, all of which can block an outlet that babies are naturally attracted to. They also protect the outlet and sockets. A plug/outlet cover combination is an effective solution as well.
  • Choose Ornament Placement Carefully: Ornaments near the bottom of the tree should be kid friendly. It’s safe to assume a baby or toddler will grab whatever they can reach. If you are putting up ornaments that are sharp or can easily break, add them near the top of the tree.
  • Install a Baby Gate: A gate can protect your Christmas tree and crawling babies. Many gates easily fit at doorways and entrances to rooms. Another option is a freestanding gate you can wrap around the tree.
  • Place Large, Wrapped Boxes Around the Tree: A more visually appealing approach is to wrap big boxes and place them such that a small child can’t reach ornaments or wires. This aesthetic choice also adds to the holiday spirit in your home.

Make Sure Your Electrical System Is in Top Shape

At Express Electrical Services, our licensed technicians specialize in all types of electrical installation and repair in Southern California. Nothing can ruin the holiday season faster than an electrical mishap. Our team can help with wiring, electrical panels, outlets, switches, lighting, remodeling, surge protection, ceiling fans, and so much more. We offer same-day appointments and are available 24/7 for emergency service; we can provide advice on baby proofing cables as well. To request help, call 323-727-7799 today.