Electrician in Moorpark

When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician in Los Angeles who can help at a moment’s notice


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Electrician in Moorpark

Have you been dealing with flickering lights in your home? Are you worried about the issue getting worse, looking for help? Are you afraid that this could be the sign of something more? Are you annoyed with the occurrence? We offer you the electrical troubleshooting services to find out just what is going on and find a solution to the problem. Our electricians in Moorpark can help you get the help that you need, taking care of your flickering lights and getting all of your electrical repairs in order.

There is not a whole lot that you can get done without electricity. You need electricity to get through your everyday life. If you are building or renovating a home you need the help of our Moorpark electricians. Express Electrical Services is here for you and all your electrical needs, with the service of a 24-hour electrician.

Emergency Electricians Available 24/7

When the lights are out or they start to flicker or dim, you should never hesitate to seek electrical repair. We can be at your home in 60-90* minutes. Prompt and dependable, our residential electricians in Moorpark will find and fix the problem and restore your peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to call if your lighting doesn’t work as it should, the power goes out, you see sparks, or hear buzzing sounds from your panel.

A Quality Electrician In Moorpark Is Just A Phone Call Away

Whether you are building a new home or simply facing an electrical issue in your current home there are times when you need the help of an electrician in Moorpark. Express Electrical Services offers you the best Moorpark electrical contractors, along with the dependability and the care that deserve.

Residential Electrical Services in Moorpark

Electrical Automation

We can connect all your appliances, lighting fixtures, blinds, air conditioners, and more with our electrical automation services. Our electrical company serving Moorpark can also automate your garage doors and heating system, or install security cameras, smart locks, and motion detectors.

Electrical Installation

Whatever it is you need, our Moorpark electricians can provide a range of electrical installations, including lighting installation, install HVAC systems, handle ceiling fan installation, panel replacements, thermostat installation & more. We also specialize in installing appliances and EV chargers.

Electrical Remodeling

Are you restoring a room or building an addition to your house? A Moorpark electrical technician can install and replace all wires, fuses, switches, outlets, and panels whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or your entire home.

Electrical Re-Wiring

A licensed electrician in Moorpark can handle all your electrical rewiring needs. If your aluminum wires have lost their insulation or you need help with ceiling fan wiring, Express Electrical Services can re-wire your electrical system, including wire lights inside your home and out.

Electrical Repairs

Is the circuit breaker constantly tripping? Do you get annoyed by those flickering lights or smell something funny? Are you getting nervous about that buzzing sound from the outlet? Call an electrician in Moorpark for any type of electrical repair and the root cause will be fixed promptly.

Electrical Panels

Home electrical panels can function for decades without problems. But an older panel may fail or not support high power demands. We’ll upgrade your panel to reduce the fire risk and enable you to enjoy your modern home.

EV Chargers

Our Moorpark electrical contractors are experienced with installing residential electric vehicle chargers. We’ll find a convenient location and hook up the unit to your electrical system, or even install a hookup in your garage.

GFCI/GFI Outlets

Every home needs a ground fault interrupt circuit. Power surges can cause fires and result from imbalances in current or moisture. A GFCI/GFI outlet will eliminate your risk for shock and injury.

Knob & Tube Upgrades

Our residential electricians in Moorpark are familiar with older homes and can upgrade antiquated and faulty knobs and tubes to components with higher capacities and safety ratings.


We can handle all your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and garage lighting needs. Our electrical contractors in Moorpark can wire lights and install LED and recessed lights. If you want a chandelier or ceiling fan installed, no problem, and we can design and install your exterior landscape lighting as well.


If an outlet or switch isn’t working or not supporting newer appliances, we can quickly replace it to resolve the issue and the risk of a fire.

Home Safety Services

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A smoke detector can be a life saver in an emergency. Allow a highly rated electrical company to hard-wire your smoke alarms, and install CO detectors where they need to be according to the law.

Security Lighting

Don’t have floodlights or spotlights outside? That can leave dark areas for potential intruders to approach undetected. Exterior security lighting with motion sensors and timers can secure your home and prevent crimes.

Whole House Surge Protection

A sudden electrical failure, downed power line, or lightning strike can blow out appliances or cause a fire. A Moorpark electrician can protect your entire home and provide peace of mind with whole house surge protection.

The Highest Quality Electrical Wiring Repair

Whether you need electrical wiring repair help or our electrical troubleshooting services, we are here for you. We offer quality services that can’t be beat by the competition. Our Moorpark electricians have the experience that is needed to give you the care that you deserve. Our emergency electricians are there to help you through any challenges that you are facing.

Contact Us The Next Time You Need An Electrician Near Moorpark

If you need a licensed electrician in Moorpark we will step in and give you the emergency service that you need. We will handle your electrical wiring repair. Our 24-hour electrician is always at hand, ready to help you during the day or in the night, because you need electricity at all times. When you need the help of the best electrician near Moorpark, Express Electrical Services has the right team ready for you. Contact us today!


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