Does My Home Have Enough Power?


Normally, your home receives 240 volts of electricity from the power company, and each wall outlet supplies 120 volts. There can be minor fluctuations in voltage, but these shouldn’t vary by more than 5%. Extreme variations can affect every electrical device in your home. If there’s not enough power, your lights may be dimmer or start to flicker, or your appliances may not function properly, prompted a call to your Los Angeles electrician.

Aside from a city-wide power outage, the reasons your home may not have enough power include:

System Overload

A power system overload will prompt the power company to reduce output. Most likely, you would see the effects during an early summer afternoon. A cutback could trigger signs your home may be lacking power, such as air conditioners not blowing as cold or your lights not as brilliant as the usually are.

Electrical Imbalance

Modern homes typically have three wires that connect the transformer to their electrical system. These equalize the load demand, and the third wire serves as a neutral regulator. The load isn’t always as balanced as the system is designed for it to be. There may be more electricity sent through one line in your electrical wiring, which in turn will limit the voltage in your home.


An electrical re-wiring in your home may not always resolve an undervoltage problem. The age and condition of the wiring in your local area can affect how much power is available. Corrosion, poor insulation, and dirty connections can be anywhere, or the wiring in your city may be a gauge not designed for the number of customers it currently serves.

Distance from the Power Source

The farther your home is from a power plant or generator, the lower the voltage it will receive. You could therefore receive a lower load in a more dispersed rural area. Voltages in urban homes tends to be higher because of the higher density.

What Does Low Voltage Mean?

The technical definition of low voltage is a reduction in electrical current to 90% of normal capacity. This condition must persist for a minute or more and impact lighting and appliance performance, and/or cause intermittent power outages. Other impacts may include malfunctioning equipment or overheated appliances.

Call Express Electrical Services to Fix Your Power Problems

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