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2712, 2018

6 Fun Facts About Electricity

Fun Facts About Electricity Electricity provides us with power, hot water, air conditioning, and the right temperature for food. It affects every aspect of life, and even helps power our bodies. Humans have harnessed the power of electricity for thousands of years, and every modern device, no matter how advanced it is, requires electricity. Fortunately, our Los Angeles [...]

2012, 2018

Circuit Breaker Basics

Circuit Breaker Basics All modern homes have circuit breakers. Each one, connected to a different circuit, cuts the power to that circuit during an overload. In the past, fuses were used, but rather than blowing out and requiring replacement, a circuit breaker simply needs to be reset. It can be reused multiple times; if something goes wrong with [...]

1412, 2018

Top Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Top Holiday Decorating Safety Tips Decorating your home for the holidays can make it feel festive, but also put your safety at risk. Holiday lights can be a fire hazard if not installed properly. Trees and wreaths are sometimes made of flammable materials that can exacerbate the problem. Much of the danger comes from elements of your decorations and [...]

712, 2018

Wiring for Fire and Safety Features

Wiring for Fire and Safety Features All homes are at risk of electrical fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are about 34,000 home fires in the U.S. every year caused by electrical problems. Homes built before 1950 are at the highest risk. Electrical wiring standards weren’t as strict as they are today. An older home may [...]

312, 2018

How to Properly Use a Power Strip

How to Properly Use a Power Strip People often use power strips and extension cords in their homes. A power strip is unique in that it’s a single length of cable connected to a box with multiple sockets. It is also extremely convenient; you can set up multiple devices where there is only one socket available. However, connecting high-power [...]

2611, 2018

Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Lighting, like all home electrical work, requires planning. It should be carefully thought out during the building and renovation process because there are many considerations. For one, the type of light fixtures and placement of outlets, switches, and wiring impact the function of the room. Types of Lighting Break down your lighting needs layer by layer. Most of [...]

1611, 2018

Best Thanksgiving Food to Serve

Thanksgiving is truly one of the best holidays. Although many people associate it with football and the Macy’s parade, the time families get to spend together is most important. Thanksgiving food is a big factor as well. After all, Thanksgiving began with the Pilgrims’ 1621 harvest meal, and we continue that tradition by preparing food and spending quality [...]

611, 2018

When Do I Need an Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection can uncover a range of issues before they become larger problems. For example, an electrician might spot electrical hazards that need to be fixed, such as faulty, exposed, or outdated wires and components that don’t support the demands of modern appliances and devices. Safety switch, fuse, outlet, and smoke alarm issues may be spotted as [...]

2410, 2018

Why Home Lighting Is So Important

People use lighting in their home everyday. It’s therefore important to have a reliable residential lighting company you can depend on. Lighting not only keeps your home functional, but safe. Without it, you could trip in dark places or even create an inviting atmosphere for burglars. It’s also important to have regular electrical maintenance to avoid power outages [...]