7 Benefits of Security Lights for Your Home

Security lighting has many purposes. When the natural light of day turns to night, outdoor lighting keeps houses and neighborhoods illuminated. Fixtures mounted outside your home are designed to cover a large area. While nighttime darkness may feel safe and secure, it’s what you can’t see that matters most. Installing outdoor security lights is therefore one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your home, and comes with the following benefits:

1. Security

Outdoor lighting is the best way to expose thieves in the shadows they try to hide in. Security lights brighten up dark corners or hiding spots behind hedges. This leaves no place to hide and a potential burglar can be deterred when they know there’s no way to break in unseen. Lighting also allows neighbors or pedestrians to see if someone suspicious is lurking on your property. It certainly enables home security cameras to capture them as well.

2. Longevity

Security lights, especially LED types, can last a long time. They don’t need replacement for many years, so you save in the long run. The reliability of today’s outdoor lights means you can have peace of mind and not have to think about replacing or maintaining them anytime soon. On the other hand, traditional light bulbs have limited lifespans and need to be changed, which requires more of a time and cost investment.

3. Energy Savings

The low voltage of LED lighting saves a great deal of energy. Operating at a lower voltage than other types of bulbs, LEDs not only use less energy and cut down on your energy bill, but are also at a much lower risk of catching fire. Little extra energy is needed to keep the outside of your home lit up with an LED lighting system, so there’s virtually no reason not to install one to experience all the benefits.

4. Property Value

Exterior security lighting is an investment in your home. It can increase property value, as potential future buyers can view it as a reason to consider your property. Other ways it provides value is in possible reductions in insurance rates, which allows you to save over time, not to mention avoid the unexpected costs when break-ins occur.

5. Control

Control options range from manual on/off switches to timer-controlled switches you can program to go on at night at specific times. Others include photocells that detect when it’s dark, so the light automatically turns on, while motion detectors activate the light when there’s motion nearby and turn it off when everything is still again.

6. Personal Safety

Proper illumination makes sure you’re aware of potential trip hazards and can see in areas around stairs, pathways, and pools. Bright lights also scare away pests, including raccoons and skunks, so you don’t have an unfortunate encounter in the dark.

7. Weather Resistant/Waterproof

Many fixtures can tolerate dampness, but others offer an even higher degree of weatherproofing. These can function normally whether it is dry or raining or snowing, or if it is cold or hot. They work great in any weather during any season.

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