4 Tips for Waterproofing Cable

Electrical wiring and cable are found practically everywhere in your home, including in areas where contact with water is possible. Waterproofing cable is important and relatively easy to do. Without this protective measure, a flood or burst pipe can easily lead to a fire. Contact with moisture can create problems throughout an electrical circuit as well. Fortunately, there are ways to protect cable without hiring an electrician; here are a few of them:

To get started:

  • Disconnect the power from the cable you want to protect.
  • Install connectors on weatherproof electrical boxes.
  • Secure rooftop electrical cables, creating a drip loop to let the water drain off.

Best Ways to Waterproof Electrical Cable

  1. 1. Wrap Liquid Electrical Tape Around the Cable: Liquid electrical tape is typically a long-lasting solution that quickly covers up exposed wires. Mix the product as directed and apply it using the brush included in the package. Use at least two coats, waiting 10 minutes until applying the second coat, and wait four hours to dry. Liquid electrical tape works with cables, male and female spade connectors, and soldered joints.
  1. 2. Apply Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tube: Otherwise known as heat-shrink, it is a shrinkable plastic that helps insulate wires. In addition to water and environmental protection, it protects soldered wire conductors, stable/stranded connections, terminals, and joints against abrasion. The shrink tube must be the right diameter for the exposed conductor. Choose an appropriate size and cut it to length so that it overlaps the existing insulation. The heat shrink can be warmed with a heat gun to aid in shrinking it around the connection for a fully waterproofing cable.
  1. 3. Use Self-Fusing Silicone Tape: Self-amalgamating tape is often used for wrapping cables, hoses, and pipes. It provides a waterproof, electrically insulating layer that’s seamless and very durable. To apply, fasten the opposite end of the wire to something or have someone else hold it while cutting a length of tape with a razor. Apple a ⅔ overlap over the conductor and stretch the tape (the tape will stretch to 3x its length, which improves the bond). Wait 24 hours for the tape to fuse completely.
  1. 4. Install an Access Door: This is not a solution you apply directly to the cable, but a waterproof access door can keep electrical cables and other equipment safe from water. It also allows for easy access to cables and equipment in one location.

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