Why You Should Stop DIY Electrical Work


When it comes to DIY electrical work, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Electrical projects require the proper tools, equipment, and experience. Even a small mistake can lead to electric shock or an electrical fire. Here are some reasons why you should leave electrical work to licensed professionals.

Risk of Electrical Shock

A worn pair of rubber gloves may not be enough to protect you from high voltage electricity. Getting shocked can cause serious injury or death, a risk you don’t want to take just to save a few bucks. Larger household appliances such as dryers and ovens can surpass 200 volts, which is much more than the human body can withstand. Licensed electricians in Los Angeles have years of safety training and professional grade equipment to protect themselves from electrical hazards.

Potential Fire Hazards

Frayed, faulty, or incompatible wiring can create a fire hazard. Electrical wiring is an intricate process, and overlooking even a small detail can lead to disaster. Where an electrical shock is instant and palpable, a fire hazard can stay unnoticed, posing a constant threat to your home and family. You may even be able to operate your appliances and lights on a regular basis thinking that all is in order. However, all it takes is a stray spark or overheating for flames to erupt. Professional electricians have worked with all types of wiring and can provide you with peace of mind knowing your wiring is installed properly.

Voiding Your Homeowner’s Insurance

In addition to the safety risks, DIY electrical work is not covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. If a fire breaks out and causes damage to your home or belongings, you will have to pay for the damages yourself. No matter how you look at it, it’s not a smart gamble.

Stress & Time Wasted

While you may save a few bucks by doing it yourself, the time spent and stress incurred cancel out the value. On the other hand, an electrician from Express Electrical Services can arrive at your home within 60 to 90 minutes of your call and finish the job quickly and properly.

Problems Selling Your Home

The law requires all electrical work to pass inspection before use. In the event of an electrical fire or appliance malfunction, your DIY project may land you a hefty fine and prevent you from listing your home for sale. Even if you manage to hide the fact that you installed electrical components in your home by yourself, savvy homeowners will want proof that the work was performed by a licensed professional. If you can’t present the paperwork, your chances of selling your home will plummet. With a team of trusted electricians in Los Angeles, Express Electrical Services can make sure all your electrical work will pass inspection with flying colors.

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