Why Do the Lights Flicker When the Dishwasher Runs?

There are a few reasons why the lights flicker when the dishwasher runs. Lights should not flicker or change intensity when you use appliances. There may be a simple solution, or you could have a serious electrical problem. It’s therefore important to investigate the reason or call an electrician if the problem doesn’t stop.

Here are common reasons why the dishwasher may cause the lights to flicker:

A Light Bulb Has Come Loose

A widespread electrical problem is less likely if only one light is flickering. The bulb may just be loose in its socket, in which case, turn it off, wait a few minutes until it’s cool, and twist it clockwise until it’s tight. If the light and dishwasher show no other signs of trouble, there’s nothing else you need to do.

The Connection May Be Loose

A loose wiring connection can cause a light to flicker when there’s a higher power draw. This usually involves a wire in a switch or outlet. The issue can also be a connection at the electric panel or meter box. Don’t try fumbling around with the wires yourself; call an electrician to check out the system.

The Dishwasher Plug Is Loose

Make sure the dishwasher is plugged in properly and its cable is secure. Flickering can also occur if the neutral wire in the service panel becomes loose. A technician can fix this and any damage to the appliance’s power cable.

The Circuit Is Overloaded

Large appliances should be on a dedicated circuit. Using a shared circuit for a dishwasher can cause an overload. Any lights connected to the same circuit may flicker when the unit is on. If the unit isn’t on a separate circuit, an electrician can set one up for you.

Electrical Interference from the Dishwasher Motor

The internal pump can generate electrical interference that can disrupt LED circuits. Lights may then flicker while it’s running. Try installing a plug-in EMI filter into the dishwasher outlet. It should limit interference and stop lights from flickering when the appliance is on.

The Dishwasher Is Damaged

Loose or sparking wire connections inside the dishwasher can generate interference. The same or nearby electrical circuits may be affected, causing lights to flicker and other appliances to malfunction. An electrical problem in the dishwasher may be accompanied by a burnt electrical or rubber smell.

Why Is It Dangerous When Lights Flicker When the Dishwasher Runs?

If wires are arcing, connections may be too close together, or wire insulation may be damaged. Arcing is when electricity jumps between wires. It can cause overheating and lead to a fire. Since electrical overloads and faults are common causes of home fires, call a licensed electrician ASAP to fix the problem.

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