When Do I Need an Electrician in Culver City for EV Charger Repair?

Many homeowners across California have EV chargers. They are convenient because you can charge your car overnight in the garage and not wait at a public charging facility. But how do you know when an EV charger needs to be serviced or repaired? Like any home electrical device, it must be properly cared for. Here, we’ll look at when to call an electrician in Culver City to check out your EV charger.

Signs You Need EV Charger Repair

The unit should start working whenever you plug the cable into your vehicle. If something isn’t right, the best option is to call an electrician. Never try to fix an EV charger yourself as it’s complex and tampering with it can be dangerous. Relying on a skilled professional ensures it will work properly for the foreseeable future.

Call an electrical contractor if:

  • The Charger Is Visibly Damaged: If a force was strong enough to cause external damage, chances are internal components have been affected. Operating the unit can lead to even more damage, so call an electrician to schedule immediate repairs.
  • It Is Charging More Slowly: An EV battery, on average, should be fully charged by a Level 2 station in 4 to 10 hours. If the charging time starts to increase, there may be a problem with the unit. This is a good time to ask a professional to look at it.
  • Wires Are Exposed: If the charging cable is worn or damaged, and internal wiring is exposed, call an electrician in Culver City right away for home rewiring repair. Using the charger or even touching it can cause shock or electrocution; exposed conductors can trigger a house fire as well.
  • Voltage Levels Have Decreased: Designed to operate at 240 volts, a Level 2 charging station won’t function properly if there’s a decrease in voltage. The problem can be with the unit or your electrical system. It takes a qualified technician to locate an issue that warrants EV charger repair in your home.
  • Extreme Weather Has Affected the Charger: Outdoor EV charging stations are vulnerable to extreme weather events. If there’s recently been heavy rain or a significant storm, have someone inspect the charger to identify and fix any problems. Such damage can be too subtle to notice right away.

EV Chargers Need Routine Maintenance

It’s important to keep your EV charger clean. This means dusting it off occasionally, which is simple. Also, keep the area around it clean and clutter-free. After use, coil the charging cable so it doesn’t accidentally snag on something or get damaged.

An electrician should regularly check your system for loose connections and other issues. Hire a licensed professional for maintenance; an inexperienced provider can inadvertently cause the charging station to fail. The vehicle’s battery could be damaged as well. System warranties often require service by a licensed contractor, or you risk voiding the agreement.

Call an Electrician in Culver City to Handle EV Charger Repair and Maintenance

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