Can I Do Electrical Wiring on My Own?

When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician in Los Angeles who can help at a moment’s notice


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Can I Do Electrical Wiring on My Own?

Thousands of people are injured every year due to electrical fires, with fatalities in the hundreds. Many incidents are caused by homeowners who try the “do-it-yourself” approach. Electrical systems are complicated, so you are just about always better letting a licensed electrician do the work.

If you have a problem, call us to schedule an appointment or emergency electrical repair. Aside from your own safety, other reasons to call a professional include:

  • Familiarity with local building codes.
  • Experience with national safety standards.
  • Peace of mind and a work guarantee

Besides, you may need a permit from your local municipality to make any modifications to your wiring. Any extended electrical project may require inspections as well. You would be breaking the law if you made any significant changes and forget to address permitting or inspection requirements. Also, many electrical jobs are more complicated than they look. You can’t simply swap out a two-prong receptacle with a three-prong outlet, or attach old wires to a GFCI without addressing the overall state of your electrical system.

If there’s a power surge or you receive a shock, it’s hard to tell where the problem is coming from. An electrician equipped with the latest tester can find it quickly. Without the proper equipment, it is next to impossible to know whether the work you did is correct. Hidden issues can go unnoticed for a while until major problems occur. You can avoid such hassles by calling a professional electrician in the first place.

This goes whether replacing outlets, switches, and dimmers; installing a ground fault circuit interrupter; or upgrading your service panel or service entrance cable and meter socket. Even installing ceiling fans, air conditioners, and kitchen appliances can be tricky. One little error can significantly reduce performance or damage your appliance beyond repair.

Rely on our electrician near Los Angeles to provide any help you need, along with the peace of mind of knowing things will work as designed. We have 3 convenient offices located throughout Southern California — Santa Ana, Riverside & Los Angeles, to able to provide faster & reliable services to residents throughout the area. 


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