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Why Is My Electric Power Bill So High?

One of the ways you can detect electrical problems is by keeping track of your monthly electric bill. Utility companies don’t usually raise prices suddenly and dramatically. Water heater problems, particularly with those heated electrically, can cause your electric power bill to go up. There can be a leak in your hot water pipe. Damage to the dip-tube, which sends cold water to the bottom, may raise your bill, since the water heater will work harder to meet demand.

Excess power usage also often comes from appliances. Even when you turn them off, plugged-in devices draw electricity. Most modern devices, such as computers, televisions, and DVRs, don’t ever fully power down. You can turn them on faster, but devices in standby mode are constantly using power. The solution is to turn them off when not in use. Or, you can connect multiple devices to power strips and simply turn off the strips to disconnect all the devices.

Using high-energy appliances such as washers and dryers, and dishwashers, more efficiently can cut your electricity bills. Try using your clothes washers to their fullest capacity every time, at the right settings, which can save electricity, time, and water. Also, the older an appliance gets, the more inefficient it is, and newer devices are built to stringent efficiency standards. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers built in the 1990s or earlier should be replaced; an energy-efficient fridges typically use a quarter of the electricity of an older model.

The more chargeable devices you have plugged in, the more electricity you use. Cell phones, iPads, tablet computers, laptops, portable game systems, electric razors, and other devices all draw power from outlets. Charge them only when necessary. Also, chargers and AC adapters should be removed from sockets when not in use. Like appliances, they continue to pull electricity, which can have an impact on your electrical bill.

Look around your house for energy-guzzling lightbulbs, and replace them with fluorescent lights, or use your air conditioner or heater only when you are home. Thermostats can be programmed or adjusted accordingly. Ceiling fans can save you a bit as well. And, remember to turn off lights you are not using, or when you’re not in the room.

Then again, hidden current leaks, a lack of grounding in the building frame, and other issues may raise your bill, so call our electrician to get to the bottom of things.

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