How Do I Reset My Circuit Breaker?

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How Do I Reset My Circuit Breaker?

In most homes today, circuit breakers are installed to prevent electrical overloads. They’re located in an enclosed panel, so all you need to do when a breaker trips is flip its corresponding switch to OFF, and then back ON to restore power to the dedicated line. Here is how to safely reset the circuit breaker without the help of a Los Angeles electrician:

  • Turn off all the lights in the affected area.
  • Unplug all appliances, electronics, and devices in the room.
  • Dry your hands and put on safety glasses.
  • Stand to the side, and on a dry surface.
  • Use a flashlight to view the circuit breaker panel.
  • Check for the circuit breaker in the center position.
  • Flip it to the off position, and then back on.

If the breaker switch stays in position and power is restored, it is reset. When it doesn’t click or trips again, there may be a serious wiring problem in your home. Call an emergency electrician to inspect your home to avoid even more serious damage.

Circuit breakers can develop problems over time. The most likely issue is there’s still an electrical short or overload or you’re not following the proper procedure to reset it. Excess heat and even mechanical failures can occur. Our local electricians in Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California area can inspect breakers for wear or overload conditions, and test your circuits to identify any hidden problems and fix them.

If the issue doesn’t seem dire, you can try to isolate the cause of the problem. First, check for where a short may be by turning on one light at a time, or plugging in one device at a time. If the breaker trips immediately after doing so, you can look further for damaged power cords, burnt outlets, etc. For an overload, plug everything back in and turn all your electrical device on and look for devices that may be drawing more power. In that case, you may just need to turn off a heater or air conditioner and put it on a different circuit.

Tripping circuit breakers are often nothing to worry about. If the switch holds its position after you turn it back on, and nothing else happens, it was a temporary overload. When the problem recurs, other electrical issues may in play and that’s when you should call our experienced electrician to help you out.

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