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Licensed Electrician in Ventura County

Express Electrical Services has been helping customers in Ventura County and surrounding areas since 1982. Whether you urgently need an electrical repair or it’s time to schedule an upgrade or remodel, our trained and certified technicians will address your needs. We handle installations and repairs of any size. Our electricians in Ventura County are available 24/7 and can reach your home in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Bell Canyon, Moorpark, Oak Park, and other communities in 60-90 minutes.

Our Professional Electricians Get It Done Right the First Time

Under no circumstances do we recommend attempting DIY electrical work. Our electrical contractors are trained in the latest safety procedures and are equipped to protect themselves and your household from harm. Allowing an unlicensed or inexperienced person to work on your electrical system risks causing more damage and potentially a fire, burn, shock, or electrocution.

At Express Electrical Services, our electricians are state-certified and fully trained. They adhere to the latest safety guidelines, obtain required permits, and avoid violations that can cost you hefty fines. We’re also bonded and insured, so if anything goes wrong during an installation or repair, it is covered under our insurance. You won’t incur any extra costs.

Electrical Services in Ventura County

When you call Express Electrical Services, you will get an electrician in Ventura County who can  help you with:

  • Troubleshooting/Diagnostics/Repairs: We quickly identify and fix any type of electrical problem in residential and commercial properties throughout our service area. Whether you have an outage, a short circuit, or a faulty outlet, we can send someone 24/7 to fix the problem.
  • Electrical Installation/Upgrades: We install outlets, switches, and ceiling fans, plus washing machines and other appliances in new constructions and renovations. If something requires an electrical connection, we’ll do it safely and properly.
  • Electrical Panel Services: If you need an electrician in Ventura County to inspect, maintain, or replace your electrical panel, you can trust the skilled technicians at Express Electrical Services. We routinely replace old panels to increase electrical capacity.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: We help local homeowners switch to high-efficiency LED lighting and install dimmers and timers to reduce energy consumption even further. Our team can help improve the overall mood in your home and design your exterior landscape and security lighting.
  • Electrical Rewiring: Older homes often have deteriorating wiring and sometimes outdated technologies such as aluminum, cloth-insulated, or knob and tube wiring. We’ll make sure your electrical system is safe and up to code.
  • Emergency Services: Available 24 hours a day, we can promptly address issues such as sparking outlets, frayed wires, buzzing panels, flickering lights, outages, shocks, and other signs of an electrical emergency. We can be there within 60-90 minutes of your call.
  • Safety Services: Our team installs GFCI outlets, whole-home surge protectors, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. They ensure the latest safety guidelines are met, and your household is protected against the most serious threats. 
  • Electrical Automation/EV Chargers: Our technicians install smart home devices, home security systems, and Wi-Fi-controlled lighting/door locks/air conditioning. We can also install an electric vehicle charger in your garage to ensure your EV is ready to go every morning.

Express Electrical Services: Committed to Prompt, High-Quality Service in Ventura County

Our licensed, insured, and knowledgeable electricians in Ventura County are always ready to help resolve your electrical problem. They can handle electrical projects of any size, from installing an outlet to rewiring your entire home. As soon as they arrive, they’ll assess your needs and provide an upfront estimate; our pricing is always transparent, and there are never any hidden charges. 

The highest quality parts and materials are stocked in our service trucks, allowing our technicians to address any electrical issue on the spot. They also have the expertise and problem-solving skills to anticipate any challenges and ensure every project goes smoothly.

Safety is always a priority. Our contractors follow the latest local codes and regulations and never take shortcuts. Working with electricity is inherently dangerous. That’s why hiring an electrician who knows how to protect themselves, your home, and your family when performing an installation or repair is essential. At Express Electrical Services, we follow an extensive series of safety protocols to protect our customers and employees.

Contact Express Electrical Services

We provide same-day and 24/7 emergency electrical services in Ventura County. Our company is highly rated for being prompt, efficient, and affordable. Thousands of customers rely on us for electrical installation and remodeling, repairs, and restoring their safety. Our licensed technicians are dispatched to specific areas to reach you quickly, and they travel in fully-stocked trucks with all the parts and materials they need. To request an electrician in Ventura County and learn about our discounts and financing options, contact us today.



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