Does the “Magic Light Trick” Really Work?

Magic Light Trick Sconce

Image Courtesy of Nesting With Grace

Adding light to your home can come with many challenges that the newly viral magic light tricks seeks to solve. One is the need to do electrical wiring work, which can be difficult, and dangerous, if you don’t have the right tools and experience. If you rent your apartment, getting your landlord to approve such a project can be a barrier. But the “magic light trick” can provide just the effect you want without encountering any roadblocks.

If you don’t want to put too much time and money into it, or wish to experiment with different lighting solutions, here’s how you can make the magic light trick work for you.

How Does the Magic Light Trick Work?

A common method involves using what many call “hockey puck lights”. All you need is a sconce, remote controlled click-lights, and wire or industrial strength Velcro. You’re going to fasten the light into the fixture without connecting it to your electrical wiring. Securing the sconce to the wall requires Command™ strips or nails and a hammer. Depending on the installation, you might need cutting pliers and plastic lightbulb adapters.

The idea is to attach the light to the inside of the sconce. This works great if you don’t need bright light. The magic light trick is more about decorative lighting. Puck lights use batteries, which last about 100 hours, so you’ll need to change them frequently if you use the lights a lot. They do the trick so long as long as the fixture isn’t made of clear glass. A metal hood or shade works well.

Magic Light Trick Ideas

Although it doesn’t satisfy all home lighting applications, there are a few ways that puck lights can liven up your home. Here are some places they can be of use:

  • Above artwork, whether it’s a centerpiece of your living room wall or decorating a hallway.
  • Over a bed, in a small bedroom, where it can provide illumination for reading at night.
  • Near or under kitchen cabinets to provide mood lighting.

The materials you need for completing the magic light trick, including a simple, light sconce, can be purchased for just a few dollars. But it can shape the ambience of your home in big ways, or create a simple reading nook where there’s little room to install a permanent light fixture. Better yet, you don’t risk damaging the walls and giving yourself a more expensive and complicated job. And with remote controlled options, you don’t need to install extra switches or outlets.

Find Lighting Electricians Near You

If the magic light trick works for you, then you don’t need to do anything else. But if you’re looking for a more extensive lighting project, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. At Express Electrical Services, our L.A. Electricians can help plan, design, wire, and install lighting with respect for aesthetics, your comfort, and safety. We can install the necessary electrical wiring to provide accent, LED, recessed, and any type of bathroom or kitchen lighting solution. Each project can include installing lighting controls, timers, dimmers, chandeliers, and exterior lighting.

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