Should I Install a USB Outlet?

USB outlets

Introduced in 1996, USB technology has replaced serial and parallel connectors. It’s made connecting computer peripherals easier and is used by smartphones, tablets, and other devices. These typically plug in via USB but traditionally with an adapter. An outlet with a USB socket avoids connecting an adapter every time you plug in or charge a device.

We’ll now look at why it’s worth it to consider installing a USB outlet:

USB Outlets Are Versatile

Available in different configurations, they can replace a standard electrical outlet. For example, an outlet can have one or two USB ports; some combine USB ports with traditional plug receptacles. It can include a rectangular USB-A port or an oval USB-C port suited for smartphones and tablets. You can charge a phone, digital camera, fitness gadget, gaming console, or any other device with a standard USB connection. Some outlets even support Micro-USB!

Faster Charging

Devices can be plugged into a USB port on a laptop or TV. But they’ll charge rather slowly. However, by plugging a device directly into an electrical outlet with USB, it’ll charge up to 40% faster. These outlets have smart chips that automatically detect a device’s amperage and adapt the current output to match.

Free Up Your Electrical Outlets

The AC adapters included with USB devices are often bulky. They can block other outlets on a receptacle, so you can’t use them. And you can’t charge another device on the same outlet either. However, with a USB outlet, you can plug the cable in and use the free outlets for lamps, computers, TVs, and electronics. Plus, getting rid of adapters eliminates the risk and frustration of losing them.

Add As Many As You Want

Most likely, you own multiple USB devices. Charging them all in one place can clutter your home. To avoid this, you can install multiple USB outlets and choose the most ideal locations for them. So, if you charge your smartphone in the kitchen and your digital camera in the living room, you can plan your installation accordingly. Our skilled local electricians can help design an electrical plan that includes where each outlet with USB will go.

You Can Increase Home Safety

An outlet equipped with USB technology avoids plugging in multiple adapters and chargers on a strip, which can be dangerous. Doing so can overload an outlet or switch and cause a fire. Adding USB outlets where you need them prevents an overload. It also eliminates the danger of adapters and wires everywhere that you can trip and fall over.

USB Outlets Are Energy Efficient

More current flows through an outlet than a power charger. But it takes less time to charge a device. An outlet with USB also doesn’t use standby power. When you switch off a device that’s plugged in, it won’t draw energy from your electrical system.

Outlets Are More Durable Than Chargers

A USB-equipped outlet is less prone to damage than a portable charger. Most chargers are designed with lightweight materials that aren’t very durable. They’re also easy to damage and drop. On the other hand, an outlet is made of high-quality materials and can last for years.

Easy to Install and Inexpensive

We recommend having an electrician install a USB-compatible outlet, as it requires working with electrical wiring. But it doesn’t take long to install USB outlets. Many of them are compatible with different wiring configurations. Plus, they’re generally affordable in terms of the cost of materials and labor.

Not All USB Outlets Are Made the Same

This is an important consideration. While an outlet with USB can make your home more attractive to a potential buyer, not every unit is as similar as it looks. Outlets come with different power capacities, safety features, and installation methods. Consider your requirements first. And for the greatest benefits, look for one that’s National Electrical Code compliant, UL-listed, and tamper-resistant.

Call Express Electrical Services to Install USB Outlets in Your Home

Installing any outlet requires shutting the power at the electrical panel and using an outlet tester or multimeter to ensure the outlet isn’t live. You’ll then have to detach and reconnect each wire and mount the outlet correctly. If you’re not familiar with installing outlets, we can install them for you, eliminating the risk of mistakes, choosing the wrong product, or being injured. Our licensed electricians will install the right grounding wires and test the outlet after installation.

Express Electrical Services can also help with any type of electrical installation and is available 24/7 to provide repairs in an emergency. We’re available throughout the Los Angeles metro area and beyond. For prompt service, contact us online or call (888) 741-6404.

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