5 Lighting Ideas to Light up Your Valentine’s Day

In theater, the color and tint of the lighting can accentuate a scene and create the ideal atmosphere. This is especially so when it comes to romantic scenes. Certain tones and saturation levels can redirect the mood to a more pleasurable one. The same can be said in real life. Few realize how impactful good lighting can be given the situation.

Candlelight has long been tied to romance and rightfully so. The amber-hues that natural candlelight compliments most skin tones and dimly-lit environments calm people as opposed to bright and harsh lighting.

If you’re aiming to romantically woo your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and you want to create the ideal ambiance, you’ll want to consider some of these unique lighting suggestions.

5 Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Valentine’s Day

Gifts, chocolates, and flowers can get pricey. Sometimes, the effort one puts into creating a romantic moment is the most valuable gift of all. One of the most affordable and effective ways to charm that special someone is making sure you have the perfect mood lighting. So let your love light shine this Valentine’s Day with these intimately tailored lighting ideas.

  • LED Mood Candles – LED lightning is definitely the no-hassle approach to attaining that candlelit glow without having to worry about dripping wax or a draft blowing out your mojo. LED candles are an excellent way to avoid a fire hazard, and can be placed all over the house or a walkway to create a path of warmth and love.
  • Lightboxes – Say ‘I LOVE YOU’ with a customizable lightbox. Lightboxes are basically back-lit signs that come with multiple sets of letters so you can create whatever romantic phrase you desire. Depending on the size, they are mostly inexpensive and can be found for under $10 at select Target stores.
  • The Classic Candlelight Dinner – Whether you are going out to eat or cooking a delicious meal at home, you can’t go wrong with a candlelight dinner. This is a classic accouterment for Valentine’s Day dinner or even dessert for two. Consider long candles to create a dramatic effect or multiple tea lights floating on water in a glass container. Both are surefire ways to impress your beloved on this very special day.
  • Flexible LED Lights – LED lights also come in strands that are flexible and easy to work with. You can use them to wrap around the bedposts or outside on a patio to create the perfect mood for a glass of wine and conversation. Because they are so affordable and versatile, the possibilities are endless. LED strand lighting is highly flexible and gives off a soft glow to create that oh-so-perfect scenario.
  • Fire Pit or Fireplace – Aside from a full moon, the best lighting you can get is from a blazing fire. Get back to basics and warm the heart of the one you love. If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, a good way to make full use of it this Valentine’s Day is to have snacks and some wine picnic style in front of the fireplace. Fluff up several large sitting pillows, a couple of plush blankets, and a tray with treats and snacks on it, and ‘Wham’ instant romantic setting. Fire pits are a nice alternative if you don’t happen to have a fireplace on hand. In recent years portable fire pits have become largely inexpensive and can be purchased for under $50 at most retailers like Walmart, Target or Home Depot. Nothing sparks up an intimate conversation more than the warmth of a fire and someone to enjoy it with.

Whatever lighting choice you decide to go with, create a space that is filled with love and light. Showing someone that you care doesn’t have to be an impossible or stressful endeavor. When you lead with love, the outcome is surely to be spectacular.

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