Why Home Lighting Is So Important


People use lighting in their home everyday. It’s therefore important to have a reliable residential lighting company you can depend on. Lighting not only keeps your home functional, but safe. Without it, you could trip in dark places or even create an inviting atmosphere for burglars. It’s also important to have regular electrical maintenance to avoid power outages and other electrical problems that can affect your lighting.

Serving all of Southern California, Express Electrical Services specializes in electrical installation, maintenance, and repairs. We can address any problem and are available 24/7, so you can call our dedicated Los Angeles electrician as soon as you have an electrical issue or emergency.

Aside from the obvious safety factors,there are lots of benefits to functional lighting. Lighting can be:

  • Decorative – Regardless of the paint color, centerpieces, and objects you choose, lighting brings it all to life. You can create illusions of space or reinvent the feel of your home.
  • Uplifting – Lighting influences our mood and gives us energy. It can also have an impact on mental health as it can stimulate the brain and mood centers.
  • Functional – Light can be therapeutic, decorative, and functional, serving to accent your décor or providing a means to perform tasks such as reading, cooking, conversing, or doing house work.
  • Efficient – Compact fluorescent lamps, LEDs, and dimmable lights add energy efficiency to your home, while even high-efficiency halogen and incandescent lamps with dimmers can save energy.
  • Creative – LED recess lighting, automated lighting, and advanced controls can add creativity and more to your indoor and outdoor lighting systems, as can different colors and intensities you can choose.

Express Electrical Services Can Help Maintain Your Home’s Functionality

Whether you need kitchen, bathroom, or garage lighting installed, or new lights for your general living areas, Express Electrical Services will get the job done. Our technicians can install dimmers, timers, and other features to improve the efficiency and functionality of your lighting as well. When it comes to wiring specialized lighting fixtures such as ceiling fans and chandeliers, you can depend on us to get the job done right, and safely. We’ll even help you out if you’re remodeling one room or your entire home!

Avoiding lighting problems, and electrical problems in general, should be on the top of your list. Signs of electrical trouble can often be seen in the lights. If they dim or flicker on their own, this is not a normal occurrence. It can mean there’s an electrical short, the system is overloaded, or there is a wiring or electrical panel problem. These can be fire hazards, so it’s best to have any unusual lighting issues checked out by a professional electrician. Our electricians can troubleshoot any problem and provide re-wiring or replace faulty fixtures, panels, fuses, outlets, and more quickly and safely.

The reliability of your lighting can tell you a lot of things, including when to contact our Los Angeles electrician for help troubleshooting, diagnosing, and fixing a problem before it gets worse. Contact Express Electrical Services at 323-727-7799 today to schedule service or request an emergency visit.

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