High-Tech Smart Home Security Upgrades

Smart home technology gives homeowners the ability to enhance and fortify their properties. Equipping your home with devices like motion cameras, smart locks, and modern alarm systems, all of which are capable of being controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet, is an effective way to secure your home and restore peace of mind.ย 

Our current reality is undoubtedly stressful and has everyone on guard. While it isnโ€™t a time for all-out panic, being vigilant is just a matter of being a conscientious homeowner. Todayโ€™s market is filled with high-techย home security solutions that are surprisingly affordable and fairly easy to install.ย 

If you want to outfit your home with the latest smart home technologies to deter burglars and prevent break-ins, here are some products that you may want to consider.ย 

  • Alarm System – Installing an alarm system that can act as the central hub for your homeโ€™s security system is key. Your alarm should be able to communicate with all of the other security devices and sync them to your smartphone or tablet. Linking all of your smart home security devices to your home alarm provides seamless functionality for maximum safety and convenience.ย 
  • Smart Locks – Who needs keys when you can easily access your home from your smartphone? Smart locks allow for keyless entry that can really save you when youโ€™re in a pinch. Some smart locks also come with a keypad entry panel in the event your phone is dead and youโ€™ve left your keys behind. This is also quite helpful when you have forgetful teenagers that need to gain access to the home when you are still at work. Your smart lock will send you notifications when it is unlocked and locked again, so youโ€™ll never miss a beat.ย 
  • Doorbell and Surveillance Cameras – Smart doorbells and motion sensor surveillance cameras have skyrocketed in popularity. A device like RING and Eufy combine motion cameras with your doorbell. Even if your doorbell isnโ€™t pushed, the motion camera will pick up any movement within a certain range. When movement is detected you will get a notification on your smartphone where you can view the most recent footage and decide whether it is a threat or not. RING even offers online communities where you can become a part of your neighborhood watch. You can upload videos about suspicious activity in your neighborhood and report it to authorities. You get to be proactive AND keep your home safe and secure at the same time. Video doorbells are also an excellent way to catch porch pirates in the act.ย 
  • Smart Light Bulbs – Smart light bulbs are not only an enhanced safety precaution, but can save you money as well. One of the first things we do when we walk into our homes is turn on a light. Now you can program your smart light bulbs to switch on automatically when you unlock your door or enter a room. Smart lights can be paired with devices like Alexa so you can turn them off and on by voice command. And when youโ€™re on vacation, you can set your lights to come on in the evening so it looks as if someone is home. The savings are real as well. Smart light bulbs and light switches ensure that you donโ€™t leave lights on when no one is in the room, thus saving you money on your electricity bill. If you have young children, you know how difficult it is to get them to turn off the lights when romping from room to room. Smart lighting systems solve all of these problems and more.ย 
  • Smart Thermostats – Now, this is more of a money saver than a security measure, but we figured it makes the list all the same. Smart thermostats do require professional installation but the benefits far outweigh the initial cost. You can greatly decrease your power bill by programming your smart thermostat to adjust to both evening and daytime temperatures, and program it to accommodate changes in the weather.ย 
  • Smart Outlets and Appliances – Now that you have your overall lighting programmed just the way you want it, what about things like lamps or television sets? Smart outlets help to extend the reach of your smart home capabilities. If you donโ€™t want to turn on all of the overhead lights, choose to turn on a single lamp so you have a warm glow when you get home. You can also attach electronics like your TV to your smart outlet so that you can have your favorite program on when you walk in the door, or schedule it to turn on your childrenโ€™s favorite movie at just the right time.ย 
  • Motion Detector Security Lights – Outdoor lighting is always a helpful feature for homes. But this is more about security than aesthetics. Having motion sensor lights installed around the exterior of your home acts as a deterrent when intruders get too close to your home. These are easily installed and can be placed in and around patio doors, backdoors, garages, and front steps to automatically shine a light on any suspicious movements.ย 

Are You Thinking About Upgrading to Smart Home Technology?ย 

Express Electrical is taking steps to follow CDC guidelines to the letter in regards to COVID-19. We are enacting added safety precautions to ensure our customers and their home environments are left undisturbed. Express Electrical considers our customers as family, and wants to give you the peace of mind you deserve in this trying time.ย 

Get around-the-clock protection with our smart home technology upgrades. These are highly customizable and user-friendly devices that allow you to program your home to stay in lockstep with your schedule and collective needs.ย 

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