Do I Need a Riverside Electrician to Replace a Thermostat?

You can buy thermostats online and at home improvement stores. The unit on your wall may look like a simple device. Shouldn’t it be easy to install or replace a thermostat? Maybe, if you’re a trained specialist. Since the thermostat is the nerve center for your HVAC system and requires solid electrical connections, you’ll need to have a Riverside electrician from Express Electrical Services come to your home.

Why Should an Electrician Install My New Thermostat?

A trained technician has the knowledge, skills, and training to manage all aspects of a thermostat and electrical installation. If they run into issues, they can find solutions. An electrician can even anticipate challenges to ensure the process goes smoothly. Here are a few reasons to hire a professional when you need a new thermostat:

Equipment Compatibility

Not every thermostat works with every HVAC system. This is especially true with smart thermostats. Most of them work with only low-voltage HVAC units. If a thermostat isn’t compatible with your air conditioner or furnace, installing it will be a waste of time and money. But an electrician will know what thermostats will work with your system, eliminating any guesswork.

Electricians Do More Than Installation

Our Riverside electrician won’t just install the thermostat and leave. They will determine an optimal location to put it and update wiring and other electrical components, if necessary, including the breaker panel. After the thermostat is installed, our technician will test your HVAC system to ensure it’s working and explain the different functions (especially if it’s a smart thermostat). They can also look for signs of other electrical issues and address them to prevent safety hazards.

Thermostats Have Lots of Wires

Installing or replacing a thermostat often involves cutting, stripping, and rerouting wires. You may need new wires if you have an old thermostat. A C-wire is required when installing a smart device. It provides the unit with a continuous power supply that supports features like backlit screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. 

One challenge with C-wires is many homes have one but it’s not connected to the old thermostat. If a C-wire was previously installed, you’ll find one end of it at the terminals within your furnace’s access panel. The other end of the wire may be just behind the wall near your thermostat.

If the C-wire is sitting behind the wall, an electrician will connect it to the C terminal on the smart thermostat. It’s generally not difficult to do. But there are lots of DIY articles out there that offer questionable advice. Therefore, it’s best to let a technician connect the wire. If there isn’t one, an electrician can safely run a new C-wire so your smart thermostat and HVAC system are fully functional. 

You’ll Save Money

Your other options include purchasing a smart thermostat that doesn’t need a C-wire or buying an adapter that splits the power supply. Hiring an electrician ensures the job is done right. It will also save you time from researching and going through trial and error to do the installation yourself. Making a mistake can have costly consequences. For all these reasons, letting a qualified Riverside electrician install your thermostat is a good idea.

Contact Our Riverside Electrician to Replace Your Thermostat

Express Electrical Services specializes in thermostat installation and can help set up your HVAC unit. Our technicians are trained to install wiring and ensure your smart thermostat is fully operational. Also specializing in EV chargers, home automation systems, and other technologies, we help update homes throughout the area. You can trust our Riverside electricians for electrical installation, repair, and maintenance as well. Call (951) 234-7310 to schedule an appointment today.