Signs You Need a Riverside Electrician for Circuit Breaker Replacement

A functional circuit breaker is one of the most dependable home safety devices. It trips if there’s an electrical fault, power surge, or overload. But if a breaker wears out or fails, the circuit can overheat and an electric shock, electrocution, or house fire can occur. A Riverside electrician can replace it quickly to restore your safety. Here are signs you need an electrical repair service in Riverside to install new circuit breakers.

When to Call an Electrician

A Breaker Trips Too Often

A failing circuit breaker may trip whenever you turn on an electrical appliance or flip a power switch. The circuit may be overloaded. Or, the current may exceed the breaker’s rating. It’s also possible the part is malfunctioning. It should be replaced to avoid additional problems.

The Breaker Won’t Reset

A tripped circuit breaker will be in the middle position. To reset it, move the switch to the “Off” position and back to the “On” position. If the breaker won’t reset, wait a minute and try again, or reduce the load on the circuit. Call a Riverside electrician if it doesn’t or won’t stay reset. They’ll inspect the electrical panel and the circuit’s wiring for any damage.

Physical Damage to the Breaker Switch

Call for electrical repairs immediately if a breaker is scorched, you see smoke residue, or there’s a melted wire. These are signs of overheating. An electrical fire is imminent. Flames and smoke spread quickly, so calling for help can avoid major damage, costly repairs, and injuries.

Burning Odors from Near the Panel

Call an electrician if a burning odor originates from the electrical panel or is present throughout your home. The smell means wires and insulation are overheating, but the breaker can’t protect against it. If the electrical panel feels hot, turn off the main power and urgently request an electrical repair service in Riverside.

Appliances/Light Fixtures Aren’t Working Right

Other signs of a failing circuit breaker include flickering lights and bulbs that burn out too soon. Appliances such as microwaves or dryers may turn off while running, or a stove may not reach the desired temperature. Kitchen appliances may need to be replaced sooner. Computers and other electronics may also be damaged. If the underlying issue isn’t fixed, you’ll continue to experience lighting, appliance, and electronics problems and waste money prematurely replacing them.

The Circuit Breakers Are Old

Circuit breakers can last up to 40 years. But they can wear out before then; also, a lack of electrical maintenance can cause them to fail sooner. If you can’t remember when your circuit breakers were installed and flickering lights, electrical shocks, and other signs of a problem occur, call a professional to inspect the panel and determine if repairs are needed.

Request Electrical Repair Service in Riverside

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