Electrical Repairs in Riverside, CA

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Electrical Repairs in Riverside, CA

When it comes to electricity, even a seemingly minor issue may be big trouble in the making. That’s why you shouldn’t take any electrical problem with a grain of salt. If the lights aren’t as bright as they should be, or the circuit breaker trips, there may be a serious issue hiding within your walls and ceilings. Express Electrical Services provides all types of electrical repair; our 24-hour electrician in Riverside can troubleshoot, fix, and solve any problem.

Our electrical repair services are available should you experience:

If you repeatedly blow out fuses, there may be a dangerous situation developing. The cause could be a faulty or exposed wire, or an outdated panel. On the other hand, don’t panic if a fuse blows only once in a while.

This is a pretty serious issue. Call our experienced electrical services company to check the wiring in your circuit box or for hot outlet cover plates. Your electrical outlet may need replacement to avoid worse problems.

When a power outlet wiggles or shifts when you unplug something, the electrical connection may be loose. Call our Riverside electricians to address the problem before you get an electric shock, which can be startling and cause serious injuries.

The smell of burning plastic means electrical wires have become hot enough to melt. It’s also a sign excessive heat is being produced, which can result in a fire if ignored for too long.

A flicker can mean there is a problem with the fixture, but if more than one lamp or fixture flickers or is dimmer than usual, you may have a loose connection, overloaded circuit, or other problem.

A shock from your electrical outlet is not your typical static electricity. Seek immediate medical care if you have pain or other symptoms following a shock, and call our emergency electrical service to correct any wiring problem or replace a defective component or appliance.

If you see sparks or electrical arcs anywhere, it means there is excessive heat that could trigger a fire, melt outlets, and lead to a host of other issues. Call us to find and fix the underlying problem right away.

The Riverside Electrical Repair Company You Can Trust

Our electrical repair services in Riverside are available 24/7 should you find anything that is particularly troublesome. Faulty power outlets and switches may feel hot, buzz, spark, or have burn marks. They should never be used. We can replace any faulty installations and even upgrade old outlets and switches, especially if you still have two-prong outlets.

A circuit breaker problem may be due to a defective unit, overloading, or wiring issues. Breakers are designed to trip so your wires don’t overheat. If your circuit breaker is old, it may be overloaded, and you’ll notice this if it frequently trips. Contact us and our Riverside electrician will inspect the device, make any necessary repairs, or replace it with a newer, updated breaker.

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Faulty wiring is quite often a cause of electrical issues. Using experience, knowledge, and tools, our Riverside electricians can find help electrical wiring or re-wiring of your residential home.

Perhaps the wrong fuse overloaded a circuit, or your electrical panel is decades old. We can repair and upgrade your panel to the recommended 200 amps.

Our Riverside electricians are experienced lighting installation professionals, whether you need to update your kitchen or bathroom lighting or add security lights to your front porch or backyard. If your lights dim or flicker in good weather, call us and our electrical repair technicians will restore your lighting, and possibly your sanity.

A ground fault interrupter circuit is a specialized outlet that can prevent shocks and burns by cutting the flow when there’s a current imbalance.

A damaged power cord can limit the availability of electricity and increase the risk of injury or a fire; exposed wiring is a sign of damage, so shut off the connected device and unplug it before calling us.

They are crucial for home safety because carbon monoxide and smoke can kill quickly. We’ll check if your detectors are working properly and installed on each floor, as recommended by safety guidelines

24/7 Emergency Electrical Repairs

Never hesitate to call our Riverside electricians about an electrical problem, day or night. Our team can be at your door in under an hour (typically 60-90 minutes). We can quickly spot problems such as faulty wiring, malfunctioning appliances, and overloaded circuit breakers. Prompt action can save you from more substantial problems, including major electrical repairs and even fires and serious injuries.

Home Electrical Repair in Riverside

Our electricians in Riverside are trusted and relied upon by customers throughout Riverside County and Southern California. Ask us about financing options, and don’t forget to check and ask for specials and coupons to save. If you have an electrical problem, call 951-234-7310 or use our contact form for a fast response.


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