9 Things Your Electrician Wishes You Knew

A licensed electrician is highly trained in their field. But you are the one using electrical appliances, devices, and outlets at home every day. Proper use and care can improve safety and efficiency. Here are some things an electrician in Los Angeles would wish that you knew:

  1. Get an Electrical Inspection Before You Buy Any Home

Hire an electrician to inspect the electrical wiring, even if you’ve had a general home inspection, before closing on a sale. This ensures the house is up to code. If it is an older structure, an inspection helps identify faulty wiring, damaged breakers, and outdated components. An inspection can also determine if renovations are needed, for example, to replace screw-in fuses or knob-and-tube wiring.

  1. Don’t Mess with Your Electrical Panel

Don’t make any repairs or alterations to your electrical panel unless you have professional experience. You can put yourself in grave danger and cause serious damage if the work is done incorrectly. It takes expert knowledge to update, repair, or replace it properly.

  1. Call an Electrician ASAP If You See an Electrical Issue

Any licensed electrician hopes a homeowner will call immediately if their lights are flickering, an outlet looks burnt, or breakers keep tripping. A hot panel is a sign of a serious and urgent problem. If you hear buzzing from an outlet or fixture or wires look frayed or otherwise damaged, contact your local electrical services company right away.

  1. Don’t Overload Outlets

Every circuit in your home has a maximum capacity. While it may seem convenient to plug a power strip or major appliance into a free slot, an electrician knows this risks blowing out the circuit. An overloaded outlet, especially an older one, can start an electrical fire. Electricians also agree that two-prong outlets should be replaced with grounded, three-prong ones.

  1. Don’t Expect Your Electrician to Fix Appliances

While your local appliance repair company can fix your stove or refrigerator, your electrician cannot. It’s not their job and they are not trained to do it. However, they can address an issue with an outlet the unit is plugged into or a faulty wire or connection.

  1. Install GFCI Outlets Near Water Sources

Since water conducts electricity very well, it can create a current imbalance that causes a painful and possibly deadly electric shock. That’s why a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) should be installed near sinks and other water sources. A GFCI outlet shuts off instantly when a ground fault is detected, improving your safety.

  1. Rates May Be Cheaper in The Winter

Electricians tend to be less busy during the winter months. Rates may be cheaper because your local electrician may be eager for business during that time. If you haven’t scheduled an electrical inspection in a while or have been putting off an upgrade, a winter project can save you some money.

  1. Hire Local Electricians

Travel time is considered when tallying up your bill. You can save money if the electrician doesn’t have to travel far. It also helps if they are familiar with the area and don’t have to navigate too much traffic.

  1. Take Recommendations Seriously

A recommendation, such as upgrading wiring or electrical components, is intended to improve your safety. Not fixing a problem can put you and your home in peril. Electricians are there to eliminate hazards and improve your electrical system using expert knowledge, not do jobs just to earn more money.

  1. Tip Your Electrician

Do you tip electricians? They appreciate the gratitude and a cash tip is a great way to thank a technician for a job well done. If they’ve been working at your home all day, offering to buy lunch can show your respect and appreciation as well.

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