Home Wiring & Re-Wiring Services in Riverside County

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Home Wiring & Re-Wiring Services in Riverside County

Riverside Electrician Providing Residential Electrical Services

Express Electrical Services employs licensed & trained professional electricians in Riverside experienced in residential electrical wiring. Over time, your home’s electrical system can age or become outdated. Repairing and installing electrical components requires the skill and tools of someone with experience in home electrical wiring. Many Riverside County homeowners believe they can attempt a DIY fix, but risk serious injury and damage in doing so.

Signs You May Need to Re-Wire Your Home

Houses built before 1950 often have cloth-insulated wiring, which is a spark, fire, and shock hazard. If it were to short circuit, you could be seriously injured. This type of electrical house wiring should be replaced immediately. Other signs you may need a professional electrician include:

  • Your house was built/renovated in the 1960s and 1970s – May have aluminum wiring that can be a fire hazard.
  • The structure was built before 1935 – Such homes have old knob and tube wiring that doesn’t hold up to modern electrical demands.
  • Outlets and other components aren’t grounded – Grounding sends excess current away from the house, preventing electric shock and fires.
  • There are too many extension cords – They tend to be improperly connected and use the wrong wire size, which can cause fires.
  • You don’t have enough electric outlets – Our electrician can upgrade your home during a re-wiring project.

Electrical Wiring in Riverside: Indoors and Outdoors

You may have a faulty electrical wire or be ready for an upgrade. We’re experienced with all forms out house wiring. Whether you need new outlets, a kitchen appliance wired, or a new panel, our Riverside electricians can help. We can also re-wire electrical meters, landscape lighting, and exterior security systems, while using the outside electrical wire for the project.

Electrical Wiring for New Rooms

Building a new room is different than re-wiring a house because you need all-new outlets, fuses, switches, fixtures, and other electrical components. Express Electrical Services is experienced in this area and not only knows the right components, but how to properly and safely install them. We make sure your remodeling efforts pay off.

Home Electrical Wiring & Re-Wiring Services in Riverside

Our electrical wiring/re-wiring experts can take on any job, of any size. No matter what parts you need or how large your project, our experienced professionals focus on quality and dependability. You can always call on us to wire:

GFCI Outlets

A ground fault interrupt circuit is an important part of any modern home electrical system. Current imbalances can occur for many reasons, including exposure to moisture. If there’s a ground fault, the GFCI cuts the flow of current in a split second, preventing you from receiving an electrical shock or burn.

Switches, Outlets & Dimmers

It’s a good idea to re-wire switches, outlets, and dimmers if you install higher-power appliances. Old installations can have rotten or dried out wiring, so it’s a good idea to replace it with any upgrade. Our installers make sure you have new three-prong electrical outlets designed to prevent electric shocks, and GFCI outlets in kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor installations.

Kitchen Appliances

Consumers often don’t know how to wire a kitchen appliance. That’s fine, because our Riverside technicians are skilled at all types of home electrical wiring. We can quickly install the appliance, so it works correctly, receives the right amount of power, and you avoid some pretty serious problems.

Electric Panels

Do you have an electrical panel that is more than 30 years old? If so, it should be upgraded to eliminate the fire risk an old panel can pose. An upgraded 200-amp breaker panel also supports the power demands of your home, so installing new air conditioners, refrigerators, and other appliances is safe and practical.

Electric Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breakers serve a very important purpose—preventing damage and fires during an overload. House wiring can easily melt if it becomes too hot. If your circuit breakers aren’t working right, it can put your home at serious risk, so contact our Riverside electricians to replace or upgrade your circuit breaker.

Fuse Box

Fuse boxes wear out over time, just like any electrical wire or component. If your fuses blow quite often or they look burnt or rusted, contact our experienced electrical contractors in Riverside to fix or upgrade your fuse box and restore your peace of mind.

Knob & Tube Replacements

Knob and tube wiring was installed in homes built from 1880 to 1935. Today, it is considered unsafe due to a lack of safety grounding and low circuit capacity. Brittle insulation is another concern, but fortunately our electricians specialize in upgrading your house wiring.

Cable Meter

All electricity entering your home must be metered properly. The equipment needed for this is the homeowner’s responsibility so, while the utility company will monitor the electricity used by your household, cable and meter sockets must be properly installed and maintained. Whether you need electrical outlets installed or are re-wiring a house, our Riverside crews can ensure everything is in working order.

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