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Homeowners across Riverside County depend on Express Electrical Services for a 24-hour emergency electrician, professional electrical repairs and electrical installationselectrical rewiring, and home automation and safety services. Same-day electrical service is available in Woodcrest, a community immediately adjacent to Riverside and centered on Washington Street and Van Buren Boulevard. Like much of the area, Woodcrest has become a focus of development rather than citrus farming, but our electricians in Woodcrest are ready to meet all your electrical needs.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

24-Hour Electrical Service in Woodcrest

Able to reach your home in 60-90* minutes, our emergency electricians in Woodcrest, Riverside can make sure you’re not left to deal with power outages, power surges, flickering/dimming lights, or immediate signs of danger. These include the smell of burning plastic, buzzing outlets, sparks, shocks, or faulty wiring or panels. Old aluminum wiring can trigger a fire. Our electricians can replace it quickly and restore your peace of mind.

Electrical Repair Services

Even the seemingly smallest issue can equate to a big problem. That’s why our Woodcrest electricians are always ready to troubleshoot and fix it. We don’t take electrical repair for granted. The problem may be in your electrical panel, circuit breaker, outlets, wiring, or lighting fixtures. Wherever it is, our residential electrician can find the issue and correct it right away.

Electrical Installations

Express Electrical Services is up on the latest technologies. You can therefore depend on our skilled local electrician to install:

EV Chargers

Several Electrical Vehicle Charger installation solutions are available. Learn more about the difference between Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers & how they help you avoid paying at a local charging station.

Home Automation Systems

Our certified electricians in Woodcrest can make your home more efficient and convenient with automated wireless controls for your AC/heating, blinds, door locks, security cameras, and lighting.

Electrical Components

If you need an electrical panel installed or upgraded, an outlet or switch installed or repaired, or new kitchen/bathroom/garage lighting, our licensed electrician can get the job done. We install HVAC units and ceiling/attic fans as well.

Home Rewiring Services

Rewiring your home is serious business and requires the proper training and tools. Our electricians in Woodcrest, Riverside can deal with any rewiring job and are ready for any issues they may encounter. They can install GFCI outlets to protect you from shocks and burns due to ground faults and moisture, or address outlet/switch and wiring issues to reduce the fire risk.

Wiring kitchen appliances requires skill, but our residential electrician can tackle the project to ensure your appliances are wired correctly and receive the correct voltages. An old service panel can be a fire risk and limit available electricity. Our Woodcrest electricians are trained to replace or upgrade it.

Whether you have old knob and tube circuits with inadequate insulation and grounding, or need an electrical remodel for a room or home addition, we are the electricians near Riverside County you can trust. Electrical updates increase safety, insurability, and resale value.

Home Safety Services in Woodcrest

Safety is a big issue in Riverside County and all of Southern California. Likewise, safety is our number one concern. Express Electrical Services can install and maintain your:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors – Our Woodcrest, Riverside electricians can properly place each CO detector where it’s supposed to be, within 10 feet of each bedroom. Smoke detectors can be hard-wired, eliminating the risk of drained batteries. You’re always protected, and both types of detectors can be interconnected so everyone is alerted in case of a problem.
  • Security Lighting – Homes are most vulnerable to break ins when there are places outside to hide. Allow our certified electrician to install floodlights connected to motion sensors, so you’re alerted to any suspicious activity. We’ve got every bush, shrub, and side wall covered so you are never left unprotected.
  • Whole House Surge Protection – A sudden lightning strike or power line failure can send massive amounts of electricity into your home. A whole house surge protector can prevent fires and thousands of dollars in damage to electronics and appliances. Our licensed electrician can quickly and effectively ensure your home is protected.

Lighting Services

Our Woodcrest electricians can install lighting inside the home as well as LED lighting, ceiling fans, and chandeliers. Dimmers, timers, and lighting controls can be implemented too. We also install specialized fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms, or recessed lighting for a modern look to your home.

If you’re looking to beautify your exterior, we do landscape, accent, and pool lighting outdoors. Motion sensors can be installed to add safety and security. Are you looking for a more reliable outdoor lighting system? Our local electrician can install landscape lighting transformers to complete your project.

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Express Electrical Services is the 24-hour electrician you can trust for any repair or installation. We offer affordable, reliable prices plus financing and specials/coupons to save. Highly rated across Riverside County, our company is the one to call for professional, dependable 24-hour electrical service in Woodcrest. Contact us now and our electricians can be at your doorstep in 60-90* minutes.



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