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Express Electrical Services is a highly rated electrician in Wood Streets. Serving all of Riverside, our trained, qualified, and licensed electricians can troubleshoot and fix various electrical issues. Whether you have flickering lights or need to update your electrical system or appliances, or require a 24-hour emergency electrician, our residential electrician can promptly arrive at your home for quick electrical repair.

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24-Hour Electrical Service in Wood Streets

Originally known for orange groves, Wood Streets was a focus residential development in the 1920s. Many of the community’s homes represent that era’s architectural styles. Our electricians in Wood Streets are familiar with older homes where urgent repairs, upgrades, and remodels are often necessary. If the situation is urgent, such as a power outage, shock, spark, burning odor, or buzzing outlet or panel, our 24-hour electrician can reach you in 60-90* minutes.

Electrical Repair Services

We can handle any electrical repair, with the benefit of same-day electrical service. A tripped circuit breaker can not only cut the power, but overload circuits and damage appliances and devices. There may be an underlying wiring issue our licensed electrician can find.

Power surges can cause major damage, while flickering/dimming lights can damage delicate fixtures and affect your interior décor. If you notice hot outlets, buzzing sounds, sparks, or char marks, call us right away. Our residential electricians in Orangecrest can also find faulty wiring, repair damaged cords, and fix indoor and outdoor lighting. Old aluminum wiring can also be a fire hazard, but we’ll replace it with copper wiring to eliminate the risk.

Electrical Installations

Whether you need a service panel or new outlet or switch installed, or fan, HVAC unit, or carbon monoxide or smoke detector, our electricians in Wood Streets are here to help you. Our team is also experienced with installing kitchen, bathroom, and garage lighting.

But our expertise extends to other modern amenities electricians in Riverside County can provide you with. These include EV chargers. If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, we can send our certified electrician to install a home charging station, so you never have to search for a place to charge up.

Electrical automation makes your home more energy efficient and lowers your monthly bills. Our local electrician specializes in several areas of automation. These include wireless control of electrical systems and automated landscape lighting. We can also boost your security with remotely controlled cameras and motion sensors. Looking for the convenience of controlling your lighting, blinds, locks, and AC/heating from a smartphone? Call our Wood Streets electrician who can help install the right system for your home and family.

Home Rewiring Services

Electrical rewiring is not a task for a DIYer. It requires a great deal of experience and attention to safety. If you need any help with the following, our Wood Streets residential electrician can assist you with installing:

  • GFCI Outlets – Monitor the flow of current to protect you from electrical shocks and burns.
  • Outlets/Switches – Our licensed electrician installs the latest outlets and switches to increase capacity and safety.
  • Kitchen Appliances – We’ll wire your new kitchen appliances so they work safely and efficiently.
  • Service Panels – We can replace or upgrade your older unit to reduce the risk of a fire or electrical malfunction.

Our electricians in Wood Streets also replace old knobs and tubes, which may be poorly insulated and ungrounded. We’ll replace them to increase circuit capacity and reduce the risk of over-fusing, plus make your home insurable. Area residents also depend on our electricians for electrical remodeling. Whether you’re adding to your home or renovating a room, we can do all the electrical work, from installing wiring, outlets, and fuses, to installing LED and recessed lighting.

Home Safety Services

You can depend on our local electrician to handle your home safety needs. That means you have an electrician to properly install and maintain your carbon monoxide detectors. We can even hard-wire your smoke detectors to maximize their reliability. Never be left unprotected by drained batteries ever again.

Floodlights can reveal what’s hidden in the darkness. Our security lighting can scare away intruders, while motion detectors and photocells ensure these high-power lights don’t use too much energy. Whole house surge protection can protect your home, appliances, and wiring from high-energy surges caused by lightning strikes and other events.

Interior/Exterior Lighting

Our certified electrician can upgrade your lighting, whether it’s to accent a wall or object, install LED lighting, or wire dimmers, timers, chandeliers, or ceiling fans. We also do landscape and pool lighting, while outdoor transformers and motion sensors can be installed to increase reliability and efficiency.

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Express Electrical Services offers 24-hour electrical service in Wood Streets. Our same-day electrical service comes with a 60-90* minute lead time, so we get to your home quickly if there’s an emergency. Serving all of Riverside County, we offer financing on all electrical repair and installation projects and savings with coupons and specials. For more information about our highly rated company and to schedule service, contact us today.



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