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Trained and Qualified Riverside County Electricians

Customers throughout Riverside County can attest to our prompt service, professionalism, and ability to help with virtually any electrical issue. Express Electrical Services comes highly rated, so you can trust our licensed electricians in Victoria to provide electrical repairelectrical installation, or an electrical upgrade or remodel and get it right the first time. Call our local electrician as soon as you experience the first signs of a problem.

An old, historic neighborhood, Victoria is defined by streets that follow the contours of the land, historic Victoria Avenue, and Victorian architecture. An example is Rockledge, a three-story adobe house on top of Victoria Hill. The community is home to the California School for the Deaf, while golfers enjoy the natural settings of Victoria Country Club near Downtown Riverside.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

24-Hour Emergency Electrician in Victoria

Have a problem? Call for same-day electrical service and we will be there in 60-90* minutes.

If your electrical panel is hot, you might have the wrong fuses or other serious problem. Do the lights dim or flicker for no apparent reason? Are you experiencing power outages or surges? We offer 24-hour electrical service in Victoria, Riverside so you can call any time and our licensed electrician will troubleshoot the problem. Whether it is faulty wiring, a circuit breaker problem, or an outdated component, we can fix it.

Signs of a major problem include:

  •   A burning plastic smell
  •   Buzzing from outlets
  •   Sparks from outlets
  •   Electric shock
  •   Visible wire/cord damage

Electrical Repair Services

Our electricians in Victoria, Riverside can fix electrical panel issues, from matching the right fuses to upgrading it to a 200-amp panel. We can also find underlying circuit issues if your breaker keeps tripping. If the lights keep dimming or flickering, our residential electrician can figure out if it’s a wiring problem, overloaded circuit, or faulty lighting fixture. When you have damaged power cords or outdated aluminum wiring, you can depend on our electricians for any type of electrical repair.

Electrical Installations

New electrical panels and outlets can eliminate safety hazards and enable you to use the most modern appliances and devices. You can always count on our certified electricians for all types of electrical installations. Our Victoria electricians can install lighting in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage and ceiling/attic fans and HVAC units. Our affordable service means you don’t have to resort to risky DIY installations.

In addition, you can count on our electrician in Victoria, Riverside to install an electric vehicle charger or home automation system. From wireless control of lighting and appliances to managing your locks, security cameras, and air conditioning from a smart phone, our automation services can bring your home into the modern age.

Home Rewiring Services

Whether you’re looking for help with installation or need our 24-hour electrician, we can handle any type of rewiring job. You can call on our electricians in Victoria for:

GFCI Outlets

ground fault interrupt circuit monitors the current in an outlet and cuts the power if there’s an imbalance, protecting you against a shock or burn.


An outdated component, or degraded wire inside, is a fire hazard and risk to your new appliances; our electrical repair professionals can fix old outlets & switches and restore your peace of mind.

Kitchen Appliances

Many homeowners don’t know how to properly wire a kitchen appliance, but our licensed electrician can do it quickly and safely to ensure your investments work.

Service Panels

Updating your electrical panel increases capacity, supports new appliances, and raises the value of your home, for your family and as far as resale price.

Knobs & Tubes

These old knob and tube components often lack sufficient insulation and grounding; updates improve safety and make your home compliant with building codes.

Electrical Remodeling

Installing outlets, switches, fuses, wires, and other parts requires experience, so call our residential electricians in Victoria, Riverside if your building a home addition or renovating a kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc and need the help of an licensed electrical professional for electrical remodeling.

Home Safety Services in Victoria, Riverside

Our Victoria electricians are committed to our customers’ safety. Need a new carbon monoxide or smoke detector? We can install them properly, in the right places, and make sure they work. Your CO and smoke alarms can be interconnected and your smoke detectors hard-wired to your electrical system to avoid dealing with drained batteries. Our electrician in Victoria, Riverside can also secure your home from the outside with security lighting and motion detectors, and from the inside with whole house surge protectors.

Lighting Services

Express Electrical Services can install ambient lighting inside and outside your home. We install LED lighting and recessed lighting fixtures. If you need a timer or dimmer, our local electrician can handle that too, or install your chandeliers or ceiling fan/light combos. We specialize in landscape lighting, pool lighting, and landscape lighting transformers as well.

Express Electrical Services Is Your Trusted Victoria, Riverside Electrician

Serving all of Riverside County, our highly rated electrical company is known for reliable prices and same-day electrical service. You can depend on us for any type of installation, repair, or upgrade; 24-hour electrical service in Victoria; and financing. For information about our electrical servicesspecials/coupons, and to request a visit (our electrician can be there in 60-90 minutes), contact us today!



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