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Temecula is a popular tourist destination in Riverside County, California. Just a few miles from wine country and Lake Skinner, where the annual Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival is held, the city is also home to over 100,000 people. Old Town Temecula is the city’s historic downtown district. Residents enjoy hot dry summers and temperate winters when precipitation is highest. Whether there’s an issue with lighting, outlets, or wiring, an electrician in Temecula can be there to help.

Our Electricians in Riverside are located:

Residential Electrical Service & Repair in Temecula, CA

Express Electrical Services employs a team of experienced electrical contractors who can assist you with:

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

Call us and an emergency electrician in Temecula can be at your doorstep in 60-90* minutes. Oftentimes we can be there in under an hour, so don’t hesitate to call if you have a faulty electrical panel, a power outage, or a power surge. Dimming or flickering lights can be a sign of a more serious hidden problem, such as damaged wiring or an overloaded circuit. If you smell burning plastic, have a sparking outlet, or get an electric shock, call us immediately.

Electrical Repair Services

Our electricians can troubleshoot any electrical problem you have, no matter how minor it may seem. If there’s an issue with your electrical panel or fuses, our certified electrician will inspect and assess the problem to determine the proper electrical repair. Perhaps the wrong fuse is installed or your panel needs to be upgraded.

Call for professional service if your circuit breaker frequently trips, you hear buzzing from an outlet, or you spot a damaged electrical cord. When you see outdated aluminum wiring, there’s be an immediate fire hazard, so call and we’ll send a technician to replace it with copper wiring, which is a safer modern alternative.

Home Electrical Installations

Our Temecula electrician is experienced with installing various electrical components and systems. We can help modernize your home by installing electrical vehicle chargers in your garage. An EV charger makes it more convenient to charge up your electric or hybrid vehicle. Level 1, level 2, and DC fast chargers can be installed depending on your needs.

Also experienced in home electrical automation, our licensed electrician can install safety/security, wireless automation for your AC/heating/lighting/blinds/door locks, and landscape lighting that can be controlled via your smartphone. That’s on top of the professional panel installation/upgrade, outlet installation/repair, and kitchen, bathroom, and garage lighting installation services our Temecula electrician can provide.

Home Rewiring Services

Electrical wiring is not something the average homeowner is equipped to manage. It requires the skill of our certified electrician to install and repair safely, and who can service:

  • GFCI Outlets – A ground fault interrupter circuit is a type of outlet that eliminates the risk of electric shock or burns, especially if there’s exposure to wires and/or moisture.
  • Outlets/Switches – Old outlets, switches, and dimmers may have faulty wiring inside, but our licensed electrician can quickly upgrade your outlets/switches and associated wires.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Often require a specialized connection to your electrical system, but we can ensure your dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. work as designed.
  • Electric Panels – Electrical panels can wear out and disrupt your entire electrical system, but our electrical contractors can examine the problem and upgrade an old panel if necessary.
  • Knob & Tube Wiring – Found in homes built before 1935, it is a fire hazard and low in capacity. Not to worry; our electrician in Temecula is prepared to replace this setup with all new modern wiring.
  • Electrical Remodeling – We’re on call whether your renovating a room or building an addition to your home. Such projects require extensive electrical work, including adding wires, fuses, switches, outlets, and more, all which we can take care of.

Home Safety Services

Whether you want to upgrade your accent lighting or install new LED or recessed lights, Express Electrical Services can help. Our team can install ceiling fans, chandeliers, timers, and lighting controls as well. When you want to beautify your yard or patio with landscape lighting, we can be there, or our technicians can install pool lighting, motion sensors, and transformers to keep your exterior lighting system up-to-date

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Residents in Temecula depend upon our prompt service and reliable pricing. If you have an emergency, contact us right away and an electrician will be there in 60-90 minutes. Serving all of Riverside County, we offer financingspecials and coupons to help you pay. Contact Express Electrical Services, a highly rated electrician throughout all of Southern California!



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